Vulgar altercation caught on camera between two passengers on SBS Transit bus

A dramatic video of a lengthy vulgar altercation between two passengers onboard an SBS transit bus has been making rounds on the Internet.

The video was uploaded on Facebook page Singapore Bus Drivers Community on 19 June with the caption, Drunken trying to pick up a fight in a Bus, asking for 1 to 1.”

Nonetheless, it is unclear what led to the dispute or when and where exactly did the incident occur.

In the three-and-a-half-minute video, the alleged drunken man, dressed in a black jacket and jeans, can be seen on his feet, engaging in a verbal dispute, attempting to incite a fight with a fellow passenger at his seat, dressed in a maroon shirt and a black cap.

Both men continues to exchange multiple insults at one another before the man in black starts to use profane language, continuously spitting out “F*** you”.

This prompted the other party to retaliate the same way, which led the man in maroon to also spit out “F*** you”.

Subsequently, the man in black starts walking towards the back of the bus before turning back after a few steps to challenge the man in maroon to a fight, saying that he is up for it “anytime” as well as suggesting to get down at the next bust stop for a “one-to-one”.

The video then cuts to the man in black back standing in front of the man in maroon, with both parties exchanging “F*** you” back and forth in a furious manner.

Funny enough, the man in black went as far as “F*** you 100 times!”, followed by “F*** you 200 times!”, and ultimately “F*** you 300 times!”

After a while, the argument got a little heated when the man in black suddenly accuses the man in maroon for “coming to Singapore to beg”. He goes on saying, “You want to fight with me?! I send you back to your country! Come, I hammer you!”

Eventually, the man in maroon gets aggravated to the point he stood up and got face-to-face with the man in black, forcing other passengers to enter into the war zone and separate the two of them.

A man in blue comes forward to intervene, and with a smile on his face, proceed to slowly shift the man in black few steps away. The bus then finally came to a halt.

The man in black, still maintaining his belligerent persona, urges the man in maroon to come down and fight him.

Moments after, the sound of the bus bell can be heard while the man in black cries out for the door to be opened as he then alights; thus, drawing an end to the intense verbal rumpus without any actual fists flying.

Watch the full video of the dramatic vulgar altercation here: