No more passport stamps for foreign travellers leaving Singapore starting 22 April

Starting 22 April, foreigners leaving Singapore will no longer need to have their passport stamped upon exit.

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced today (17 April) that they will no longer issue departure immigration endorsements (stamps of departure dates on travel documents) to foreign travellers as part of ongoing efforts to streamline procedures at checkpoints for a more efficient departure immigration clearance.

Since 2016, foreign travellers who have had their fingerprints enrolled via the BioScreen system upon arrival into Singapore could use the automated lanes when they leave the country. Their passports won’t be stamped when they use these lanes. Prior to that, all foreign travellers were required to have their passport stamped by an immigration officer.

Starting 22 April however, all foreign travellers will no longer need to have their passports stamped upon exit at all.

ICA said in a statement that they will also inform foreign authorities on the cessation of the departure immigration endorsement.

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