(Photo from ESM Goh's Facebook page)

Former PM, Goh Chok Tong takes a dig at Chan Chun Sing in his Facebook post

In his Facebook post on Tuesday, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong made a surprising remark of his view on Minister of Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing’s ability to present himself in public.

Referring to a speech and answers to questions at a dialogue, the former Prime Minister wrote: I attended the Middle East Institute-NUS conference not just as guest-of-honour but also to listen to Minister Chan Chun Sing. He impressed with an insightful speech and thoughtful, succinct, clear answers in the ensuing dialogue. But as we know, one swallow does not a summer make. — gct

Relying on an old proverb, ESM Goh essentially implied that he was not entirely happy with Chan.

The saying is usually used to say that because one good thing has happened, it is not therefore certain that a situation is going to improve.

The figurative meaning of the phrase he used in his Facebook post can be made explicit as: An excellent performance by a man in one instance, does not mean he is of that quality or usually perform at that standard.

It would certainly appear that Goh was insulting Chan or otherwise at least belittling him in public.

While Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat has been appointed as 1st Assistant Secretary-General of People’s Action Party and widely touted to be the next Prime Minister after Mr Lee Hsien Loong, keen observers note that Chan still remains the top choice for the position even though he is not popular with the public.

After all, Chan is still the 2nd Assistant Secretary-General of PAP, Deputy Chairman of People’s Association and former NTUC head. Heng on the other hand, does not enjoy the same level of exposure and support as Chan, from the grassroots.