Trains piling up towards clementi station / Photo: Sharon Tan's post on TATA SMRT Facebook

Train delay along the East West Line on Thursday evening, passengers asked to detrain

Another train delay happened on Thursday (13 Dec) evening, was caused by a train fault, according to information on social media platform.

SMRT did not make any official announcement about the disruption along the East West Line (EWL) although the delay occurred for more than 10 minutes (it started about 6:30pm and still having effect after 7pm), and trains were piling up towards Clementi station at about 6:40pm.

On TATA SMRT Facebook, passengers posted information about the delay:

Jun Jian wrote at 6:33pm: “Slight delay on East West Line towards Tuas Link. Expect additional 5 minutes. Congestion is expected until Clementi.”

Sharon Tan wrote at 6:40pm: “Trains stuck”, and shared a picture:

Zhen Wei Kong wrote at 6:41pm: “We were asked to detrain.”

义璺 wrote at 6:41pm: “Every station 5 mins + .. not total 5 mins..”

义璺 wrote at 6:43pm: At first announce at Clementi.. now change to Jurong East.. faulty train keep moving..”

Gasy Amp wrote at 6:46pm: “Every station stopping like 5 to 10mins…”

Kitaro Sixonesixtwo wrote at 6:51pm: “LIVE: Faulty train just left JE. Pax inside. Train left without opening/closing doors.” He shared a photo:

Jun Jian updated that train is moving faster after Jurong East station. Additional 20 minutes travel time to be expected:

Jun Jian wrote at 6:59pm: “Update: Train is moving faster after Jurong East station. Expect additional 20 minutes.”

And on the Twitter platform commuters also informed and complained about the disruption:

A tweet from MRT Singapore Service Information said it was a poor old train (C151) that broke down and it has to skip Jurong East in the end. Alex Ong’s tweet supported the information, writing that announcement clearly said the problem was caused by a train fault: