Kelly Tandiono (right) in the Bali SwimRun

Singaporean model helps raise thousands to protect Bali islands from environmental damage due to over-tourism

On Saturday 8th December, Singaporean model, actress and triathlete Kelly Tandiono competed in Bali’s first SwimRun event, combining running and swimming in a true test of strength and endurance against the challenging open water and trail. The SwimRun was a fundraiser to help prevent hundreds of tonnes of plastic being dumped into our oceans every year.

Also competing were Australian social influencer and winner of 2017 Bali Hope Ultra Josh Lynott as well as 18 other athletes from around the world. The winners of the SwimRun were Swedish pair Annika Ericsson and Peter Aronsson who completed this test of endurance in an incredible 1 hour 45 minutes.

The run was held on island of Nusa Lembongan off the coast of Bali. The previously pristine islands have been heavily impacted by plastic pollution due to massive tourism growth in recent years and are now threatened with an environmental disaster. Bali Hope SwimRun aimed to help, with contestants taking part in a community led beach clean up after the event finished.

With a target of US$45,000, funds are still being raised for the award-winning charity partner Bali Children Foundation, to assist with their environmental awareness program being delivered to schools on both islands. It will also facilitate important upgrades to a grassroots recycling facility on the island created by community group Friends of Lembongan. The facility is currently collecting more than 2 tonnes of trash per day of which up to 40% is recyclable. Indonesia is currently the 2nd largest contributor to marine plastic after China.

The fundraising for this important project will continue until 30 December 2018 with an overall target of $50,000. To support this cause please visit and donate directly to participants or contact Bali Children Foundation founder Margaret Barry to learn more on how you can contribute.