Advocates petition to reform Singapore’s family justice system and stop the abuse of children and families

A group called the Family Justice Reform Singapore has started a petition calling for a change in Singapore’s Family Justice system. The group, which consists of parents who have been or are currently facing divorce and other proceedings in the Family Justice Courts, feel that there are those in the legal professions who are “engaging in unethical, dishonest and abusive tactics while representing their clients in these proceedings.”

The petition, titled ‘STOP the ABUSE of Children and Families in Singapore’s “Family Justice” System’ is presented as a joint complaint under Section 85(1) of the Legal Profession Act against several family lawyers for professional misconduct. The petition is addressed to PM Lee Hsien Loong and 10 other members of government including the Chief Justice of Singapore, Sundaresh Menon and the President of the Law Society of Singapore, Gregory Vijayendran.

Among the allegations made by the petitioners of these lawyers include ‘instigating child abduction, emotional and psychological abuse and parental alienation, perverting justice and abusing the court process.

Besides demanding that the Law Society, the Family Justice Court and the Ministry of Law take firm action against these named family lawyers, the petitioners are also calling for the government to “undertake a review of Singapore’s family justice framework to ensure that it protects the welfare and interests of families in Singapore, and delivers positive outcomes for children and families caught in divorce.”

The petition is accompanied by the trailer for an upcoming documentary, Erasing Family, about the impact court-ordered family separation in America.

According to Family Justice Reform Singapore, 96% of children affected by divorce in this country lose a meaningful relationship with one biological parent because of the Court’s refusal to grant Shared Care and Control.

The petition has garnered 417 signatures at the time of writing with the aim of 500. You can check out the full petition here: STOP the ABUSE of Children and Families in Singapore’s “Family Justice” System.

The group is also inviting parents and children who have gone through the family justice system to share stories of their experience to [email protected]com.