Pavement covered with algae at Woodlands Street blocks (Image by random_avocado / reddit)

Public questions efficiency of town councils after algae-covered pavement in Woodlands

Reddit user random_avocado shared a photo of an algae covered pavement in the Woodlands Street 81 HDB blocks which has drawn the ire the public, including politician Lim Tean.

In a heated post on Facebook, Mr Tean said that the picture was ‘shocking’ and pointed out the dangers of an algae-covered pavement to residents of those blocks. He also noted that a resident has complains that the areas are only even cleaned when MPs visit. According to members of the public, this was a common occurrence and is the ‘new norm’:

Sadly, some have also shared their own similar experiences in other housing blocks as well where they’ve noticed a lack of proper maintenance of housing facilities:

The reddit user noted that the pavement was found covered in algae shortly after being repaved. This prompted the residents to demand that the town council (TC) take action. Speaking to Straits Times, a town council spokesman blamed poor workmanship as the cause of the algae growth and has said that the contractors have been asked to rectify their works.

In the mean time as rectification works are being carried out, the TC has apparently increased the frequency of surface washing and is employing the use of anti-fungicidal chemicals to slow down the algae growth.

Understandably, the public are not satisfied with the town council’s inefficiency in matter of maintenance and are especially irked that the high conservancy charges aren’t being put to good use:

Many are also unhappy with the finger-pointing being done, with the TC blaming the contractors instead of owning up to their lack of diligence: