A BPLRT CX-100 Car & Bishan MRT Station on CCL / Photos: Wikipedia

Service disruption along BPLRT and CCL together on Monday morning

Train service was disrupted along the Bukit Panjang LRT (BPLRT), and at about the same time along the Circle Line (CCL) on Monday (5 Nov) morning.

Commuters began experiencing delays around 7:30am on the BPLRT due to a system fault, followed by 10 minutes delay along the Circle Line on both directions caused by train fault. This information were obtained from commuters’ posts on social media platforms while SMRT remained silent with no official announcement on its media platforms.

Passengers asked for confirmation by the transport operator and information on Twitter:

Others complained to SMRT:

Yappies complained to Margaret Teo:

While another passenger wrote that Minister for Transport, Khaw Boon Wan, should not praise the Singapore’s rail network:

Yappies also questioned the so called ‘Real Time train service update’ from SMRT:

Passengers also posted the BPLRT and CCL train disruptions on the TATA SMRT Facebook platform:

Daniel Koh wrote at 7:46am: “BP LRT breakdown now. system fault.”

Lee Chiew Yeong wrote at 8:00am: “Yes. Officially announced over PA system. People are all diverting to bus stops.”

Alan Charles Yap wrote at 8:14am: “We are getting reports of faults on BPLRT and Circle Line. Do factor additional travel times or seek alternative transport. Members who wish to query on directions by alternative transport please post here.”

Wilrick Wong wrote at 8:14am: “Circle line just announced 10 mins delay both directions.”

Wayne Chew reacted to Alan Charles Yap’s post, confirming that CCL was affected in both directions due to train fault, causing 10 minutes delay:

Wayne Chew wrote at 8:21am: “Circle line both direction add 10 mins due to train fault.”

James Teng wrote at 8:07:

“Train fault along Circle Line towards Harbour Front.

Update: announcement 5 mins delay.

Update 2: announcement at Buona Vista, 10 min delay. Train moving somewhat normally now.”

And members of the TATA SMRT commented on James Teng’s post:

Jun Jian wrote at 8:10am: “Delays up to 10 mins is expected for Circle Line in both directions from announcements.”

Alan Charles Yap wrote at 8:12am: “Thanks. Continue to provide updates.”

Tan YB wrote at 8:15am: “Train at Lorong Chuan finally moved to Bishan after 7mins delay. But stopped in middle due to congestion ahead.”

Jacquelyn R Lim wrote at 8:19am: “Train at Bishan CCL stopped for approx 5mins or more earlier but now moving and reaching Caldecott. Heard announcements that trains will be delayed by 5mins but we definitely stopped just before Bishan more than 5mins earlier on.”

Thankfully, a few minutes later, commuters’ comments showed that the situation along the CCL was getting better:

Jun Jian wrote at 8:22am: “Train moving normally now for my case so far.”

Norman Lee wrote at 8:43am : “I got on at Buona Vista and now at Marymount. No problem so far.”

Norman Lee wrote at 8:57am : “I’m getting off at McPherson now. No problems encountered!”

And around the same time Alan Charles Yap posted on the Facebook there were reports that the BPLRT seemed to be recovering:

Alan Charles Yap wrote at 8:47am: “We are getting ground reports BPLRT seems OK for now. Continue to monitor. Thanks.”