Source : Yeow Min Quan Facebook video screengrab.

Alleged case of dog abuse caught on video

A Facebook video posted by Mr Yeow Min Quan shown a dog moaning in a very sad tone as it was being abused by a woman apparently to be the maid of the house.

The woman was seen to be very harsh on the dog, as well as banging the dog’s head with a metal bowl. The dog laid still on the floor all through the video and did not retaliate.

In the post written on 17 December at 10 pm, Mr Yeow said that he has been hearing the moaning for sometime. And he suddenly found out that it was his neighbor’s dog which has been making the sound all the time.

He noted a car parked in front of the house for some time and said that maybe the owner of the dog was out of town.

Mr Yeow said that she had spoken to the maid and has solved the issue, adding that he did not to reveal the address in order to discourage the lynch mob.

He also said that the owners of the dog are back in town and aware of the situation. He also has taken down the post of the video at their request.

Mr Yeow noted noted that he hopes the post will remind other animal owners of their responsibility of taking care of their dogs, which includes making sure that their helpers are sufficiently trained and not abusive.

Mr Yeow stated that he has reported to the authorities on the matter.

According to media reports, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) has stated that it is investigating this case, adding that safeguarding animal welfare is a shared responsibility.

“AVA will look into all public feedback on animal cruelty,” it stressed.

AVA then stated, “We will take the necessary enforcement action against anyone who has committed an act of animal cruelty and will not hesitate to press for a deterrent sentence, if warranted.”

AVA urged members of the public who have information on this case (e.g. photographic or video evidence, witnesses, etc) to contact AVA at 1800-476-1600.

“All information will be kept in strict confidence,” it noted.

Anyone convicted of animal cruelty faces a fine of up to S$15,000 and 18 months in jail for a first offence.