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Enbloc Sale – Can you lose money from it?

Enbloc - Shunfu ville

When is Enbloc good or bad news? Receiving an enbloc offer for your property is akin to striking lottery. So who wouldn’t be pleased with it? Not everyone actually. Some may have an emotional attachment to their home or location as their family or relatives may have stayed in this development or in this vicinity, still many others dislike the …

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Why must we give you our identity card particulars?

by Teo Soh Lung Three members of Function 8 were harassed by several plain clothes and uniformed police personnel from Cantonment Police Division soon after witnessing the arrest of Mr Seelan Palay by at least 12 police officers. The incident took place outside Parliament House yesterday afternoon (Sunday 1 Oct 2017). Standing outside Parliament House, Mr Seelan Palay holding a …

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