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    Medical professionals and volunteers picking up dialect for better communication with elders in Singapore
    By Neyla Zannia Published on by Neyla Zannia 0

    In a ChannelNews Asia report dated 26 September 2017, it is reported that more young Singaporeans signing up for dialect classes. The CNA report wrote that 30 undergraduates from the Department of Pharmacy at the National University of Singapore (NUS) signed up for a Read More

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    Activist arrested by Police outside of Parliament House after standing alone with artpiece
    By The Online Citizen Published on by The Online Citizen 0

    Artist/Activist, Seelan Palay presented a performance on Sunday afternoon at Hong Lim Park, “32 Years: The Interrogation of a Mirror” in commemoration of the 32 years of detention without trial that former Elected Member of Parliament, Chia Thye Poh went through. The event Read More

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