by Lim Tean

Singaporeans are waking up daily to hilarious and preposterous statements by People’s Action Party (PAP) leaders in their attempts to assauge the Singaporean anger over the shambolic reserved Presidential Election which should have culminated in a vote yesterday , but which was denied to the citizens of this country.

The Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Tharman attempted to portray himself as a different breed of PAP the other day by suggesting that he too would have preferred a vote and denouncing some of the tactics which his colleagues adopt from time to time. He is a master at coming out after the event to echo the sentiments of right-thinking Singaporeans. A few months ago he did the same thing in relation to the movement of Indian workers into Singapore under Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA). One has to ask why he did nothing both in relation to CECA and the recent reserved election to prevent the outcomes which he claimed not to desire. He is not some backbench MP but was an important Cabinet Minister at the time CECA was signed and the DPM when the evil reserved Presidential Election was passed into law. Did he object to the absurd qualifications required for private sector candidates? Qualifications which now see a financially undistinguished former debate moderator installed as our President , and with control of our reserves!

I found it hilarious that Tharman used the word ” incantation ” when describing the attitude of Singaporeans in reciting the pledge. The word suggests that Singaporeans recite the words of the pledge without conviction or purpose and that they are transporting themselves unconsciously into another dimension through chanting – almost like ritualistic Buddhist or Gregorian chants. I think most Singaporeans would object vehemently to Tharman’s facetious account of the seriousness which they take the words of our Pledge!

And to compound the hilarity of it all we had the PM come out yesterday to give his justification for the reserved Presidential Election. I do not understand what ” belanja ” or treating friends has to do with multiculturalism or work that is required to be done to perfect it. A total non-sequitur !

Singaporeans know where they stand in terms of racial relations and meritocracy after 52 years of nationhood. It is the PAP which sadly after half a century is trying to conjure a Houdini act to convince Singaporeans that all is still not well racially and that this dastardly thing called the Reserved Election is needed. It is a magic trick no one will fall for. No illusions here !

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