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Dr Tan Cheng Bock: Walkover troubles Singaporeans

Dr Tan Cheng Bock, former People’s Action Party Member of Parliament and Presidential Candidate in the Presidential Election 2011 has posted his congratulations to Mdm Halimah Yacob, who was announced President Elect today after no other candidates qualify to stand in the Presidential Election. However, Dr Tan notes that Singaporeans are unhappy with the walkover which he attribute to the …

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This injustice that has been visited upon us will not be forgotten

by Lim Tean Long years ago , our Nation was conceived on the ideals set out in our Pledge . Every child from a tender age learns the hallowed words ” We the citizens of Singapore , pledge ourselves as one united people regardless of race , language or religion…”. These words taught them to learn together , play together …

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HSBC and UOB joins DBS, BOC in Fixed Rate Mortgage Packages

Sibor from Mar to Sep 2017

Last week, HSBC and UOB joins DBS and Bank of China (BOC) to offer 3 Years Fixed Rate Mortgage Packages. The home loan market in Singapore is starting to become receptive to fixed rates mortgage packages again with more choices on offer. When President Trump was elected, the market was flushed with excitement of an interest rate increase by the …

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3 ways technology is changing money for Singaporeans

by Singsaver.com.sg At the recent National Day Rally, PM Lee challenged Singaporeans to go cashless, believing it to be a key pillar in Singapore becoming a truly smart nation. We think PM Lee isn’t far off the mark. As Singaporeans get used to digital platforms in everyday activities, we’ll become more eager to integrate technology into other areas as well. Take …

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Citi runs 5th Edition of e for Education campaign

Citi has launched its annual e for Education campaign, a global initiative which has raised over $16 million for education-focused non-profits since the inception of the campaign in 2013. Over the next three months, Citi’s FX business will donate $1 for every $1 million of FX traded with Citi via a broad range of electronic platforms including Citi’s proprietary platforms- Citi Velocity …

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No expectation for Halimah to be the next Ong Teng Cheong but at least follow the footsteps of Wee Kim Wee and SR Nathan

by Ismail Kassim To President-elect Puan Halimah Yacob, fraternal greetings from the people of Sinkapoor. Tahniah! Vaazhthukkazh! Gongxi gongxi! Congratulations! We must rally around our new President-elect for the sake of National Unity, just as we have to continue to express our indignation against the Puppet Master and his cronies for tinkering with the political system to prolong their grip …

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Farid Khan: Done what he can for his community and for Singapore, will continue to serve Singapore

Businessman, Farid Khan who had expressed his intention to stand in the Presidential Election 2017 and was disqualified by the Presidential Election Committee for not meeting the criteria of $500 million shareholders equity, has just issued a letter to congratulate Mdm Halimah Yacob for being elected as President of Singapore and to share his experience over the past two months with …

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Mdm Halimah Yacob declared as first female President of Singapore

Mdm Halimah Yacob has been declared by the returning officer at the nomination centre as the President Elect after no other candidate is present to submit the nomination forms. A crowd of around 800 individuals (including the press) gathered at the nomination awaiting the arrival of Mdm Halimah and the eventual announcement of her presidency. Most of the attendees were from …

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Buying the bones of thousand-miles steed with a stack of gold

I love to read stories about the Warring States of China, due to its complex political landscape among the seven warring states and constant rivalry which spanned beyond the contest of mere military strategies and technology but also how countries administer policies over their land and recruiting of talents to serve the countries. During the feudal period in China, one had to be very careful …

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