Uber driver threatens to drop off uberPOOL passenger along expressway after quarrel erupts

Twitter user, @catp4ws uploaded a video of her ride on Saturday (8 April) showing an Uber driver fiercely quarrelling with another passenger sharing an uberPOOL ride with her.

At the start of the video, the Uber drive complained that he doesn't earn much as the passenger is going to the same destination as @catp4ws, and said that Uber is just helping its passengers.

The passenger then asked why is the driver driving Uber in that case, immediately prompting the driver to retort, "Who are you to tell me?"

"Then why are you complaining!?" exclaimed the passenger.

This is when the driver shared that the passenger had asked him to speed up to 90 km/hr. A speed he deemed as speeding on the expressway.

The passenger said that the speed of 90km/hr is normal. In response, the driver replied, "This is not your decision you know?"

The driver said, "I can drop you at the expressway you know? Ask you to get out. You want to walk all the way? I am kind to you, I will drop you at the main road. You want to go? Tell me lar, I will go."

Following that is an exchange of vulgarities hurled at each other before the driver dropped the passenger off, seemingly after the expressway.

When asked by twitter users about @catp4ws's reaction, she wrote, "AHAHAHA I JUST KEEP QUIET I FKIN SCARED."

Another user commented, "What the fuck I just had some customer service problem with an uber driver last night also .", @catp4ws responded, "grab next time la hahaha"

Following the viral spread of the twitter post, Uber stepped in and asked if the user could direct message them her account address so they can follow up on the matter.

This entry was posted in Transport.
This entry was posted in Transport.