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AWARE: Need for clearer legal definition and public understanding of consent in sexual assault cases

AWARE has responded to Attorney’s General Chamber (AGC) statement’s on Joshua’s Robinson case which pointed to the need for a clearer legal definition and public understanding of consent in sexual assault cases. AGC’s statement was delivered to local media on Wednesday (8 March) stating that the Public Prosecutor has decided not to appeal against the four-year sentence for 39-year-old American …

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Staircase artwork by Priyageetha Dia depicts a reverse-Midas scenario

By Alfian Sa’at I love this artwork by Priyageetha Dia, though I don’t know which one I prefer, the first one where a whole staircase was plastered with gold foil, or the second one, where the gold foil has been removed by the artist herself, and a square remains as a memento. In the original artwork, the profane was given …

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Singapore Police: Regrettable that Reuters decided to carry unsubstantiated allegations from organisers of water price hike protest

Singapore Police Force (SPF) issued a media statement on Sunday evening in protest to an article which was published on Saturday (11 March) by Reuters on a protest against the recently announced water price hike, stating that the media had attempted to stoke fears about the use of the Speakers’ Corner and sow distrust of the Police. Pointing to one of the lines …

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The real lessons from the ‘MMA Paedophile’ case

Much has been said about the sentencing of Joshua Robinson, who was found guilty of sex with a minor, filming an obscene act, possession of an obscene film, and displaying an obscene film to a young person. But the rhetoric has largely been punitive in that the perpetrator should have been given a harsher sentence that includes caning. Unfortunately, the …

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Baey Yam Keng: NHB to publish first edition of the Heritage Plan in early 2018

Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth Baey Yam Keng spoke during Committee of Supply Debate on Thursday (9 March) that National Heritage Board (NHB) plans to publish the first edition of the Heritage Plan in early 2018, with an update every 5 years. The Minister said that NHB will be developing a comprehensive national blueprint for Singapore’s heritage sector. He …

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What most Singaporeans don’t know about insurance returns

By SingSaver.com.sg Insurance policy returns can be confusing and misleading. Before buying a policy, remember these 3 facts. One way insurance agents entice you to take up a life insurance plan is by showing the returns of your policy. But your policy documents are filled with so many similar-looking lists of numbers. It can be difficult to even get an approximation …

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