Singapore designed armoured fighting vehicle impounded by Hong Kong Customs

Singapore designed armoured fighting vehicle impounded by Hong Kong Customs

Photo of the covered AFV from FactWire

According to a report by FactWire,  a watchdog news organization in Hongkong, states that Hong Kong customs have held a batch of armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) that was shipped into Hong Kong, and said to have explosives found along with it.

It is unknown how did the AFVs enter Hong Kong but this incident has been widely discussed among Hong Kong social media due to photos that were leaked.

A self-proclaimed custom officer told Oriental Daily News that the vehicles were found by customs on Wednesday night (23 November) and currently held at Kwai Chung harbour.

FactWire had reported earlier that nine AFVs were spotted at the Kwai Chung harbour at 10am via aerial photo, the vehicles that have been impounded by the customs. The vehicles were covered with blue, grey canvas and placed onto low beds, and surrounded by cargo containers with at least two customs officers on guard.

It is also reported that according to FactWire’s sources, Hong Kong customs discovered nine AFVs during their inspection at Kwai Chung harbour and also explosive materials amongst the goods. The items were impounded as there is a suspicion of arms trafficking.

The nine AFVs was found on a ship that was travelling towards Singapore from Taiwan. When it reached Hong Kong, it had no intention of unloading its goods, but merely transiting through the harbour. But when the customs investigated the ship via a tip off, there is no data of where the AFVs were exported from, who the AFVs belonged to and other documentation info.

Under the strategic trade control system of Hong Kong, the Trade and Industry Department implements licensing control on both import and export of strategic commodities into and out of the Hong Kong territory. In addition, it imposes licensing control for transhipment and certain sensitive articles in transit.

Under Schedule 1 of the Import and Export (Strategic Commodities) Regulations, the Munitions List covers items specially designed or adapted for military use, and includes both conventional and weapons of mass destruction items.

AFV very likely to be Singapore Technologies developed Terrex

Based on another photo that was released, it can be said that the AFVs are likely to be Singapore designed AFV, Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle, which is produced by Singapore Technologies Kinetics.

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