Stop hopping onto the bandwagon about America being finished

Stop hopping onto the bandwagon about America being finished

By Daryl Klahan

Everyone needs to stop hopping on the bandwagon about “OMG it’s the end of America or the world”. It’s actually really annoying to see people commenting rubbish, especially when I know most Singaporeans are apathetic towards politics especially global politics. The lack of understanding of the American system coupled with lack of critical thinking disables most Singaporeans from forming proper opinions — that doesn’t matter anyway.

Just to clarify, I do not like Trump nor support his words. As a person, not so much on policies,  he is almost everything that I stand against – I fully support LGBTs; support women’s right to abortion; no race but the human race; no such thing as a Muslim terrorist because real Muslims don’t murder; global warming needs urgent attention. However, we do need to look at the situation objectively.

First of all, we are not Americans. We do not live there, we don’t know the struggles people faced over there. You need to ask yourself why didn’t more people voted for Hiliary but voted for Trump instead. He struck a note with many people.

Secondly, there are many rules to follow. The POTUS can’t just pass down any bills without going through congress. He doesn’t have all the power to do whatever he wants, so chill out.

Thirdly, everyone was brainwashed by the media with all the negative criticism being thrown at Trump and how he will be the end of America. People bought the hype and everyone’s freaking out now.

Lastly, Hiliary was perhaps as bad as a candidate as Trump in different ways. We all know Trump is a bigot, racist, molester and basically a big bully. But do the rest of you know what long list of crimes Hiliary has committed? She has sold herself to the corporate banks and the wealthiest of people pulling the real strings long ago. From the Benghazi scandal to the Clinton Foundation scandal and countless more. She was directly involved in the prolonging of the Syrian war for her own benefits. Her role was to continue the bloodbath in Syria. Not only that, Hiliary has no convictions. Every few years, she expresses a different view on the same topic to make the public like her more. Hiliary is a very dangerous politician. The media has been constantly trying to cover up all her frauds and involvement in the middle east bloodbath. At least Trump doesn’t have blood on his hands.

Both Trump and Hiliary should in jail right now for all the things they have done. Hiliary, is by the way, considered a national threat. Trump is a douchebag who I will beat his face in for molesting women.

It’s just really stupid to see everyone that normally don’t give a damn about politics suddenly worrying for nothing.

So sit back and relax. Fxxx Trump, fxxx Hiliary. But it’s not the end of the world nor will Purge become a reality. There will not be any hunger games. Trump will not destroy America nor the world. The real owners (such as Rothschild family) of America will not let it happen. Stop believing the nonsense hype. Americans can choose to vote him out four years later. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter. It is dirty politics and the outcome was already set to be this way.

Also, #BernieSanders2016

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