NUS confirms viral video of girl being dunked in water, was taken in school

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has confirmed with Straits Times that a video circulating online of people getting dunked in a pond, was a residential activity that took place in Sheares Hall on Wednesday (27 July).

The video was first posted on AllSingaporeStuff (ASS)’s Facebook page, showing four guys dunking a girl in a small pond and male teens crawling on the floor half-naked while spewing expletives.

According to the ASS contributor, this video was taken on Wednesday during a NUS orientation camp, days after the orientation games saga erupted.

NUS said to ST, “We are deeply disappointed that some of our students have flouted the rules and behaved in an unacceptable manner in organising freshmen activities.”

It also said that those found responsible will be brought before the University’s Board of Discipline.

M.k. Ho commented on the video saying,

“If these organizers are indeed the senior student leaders, then please bear in mind that these are the very same guys who have also gone through their national service prior to entering the campus. They are not your usual 18-year-old youths. These are guys who had been trained to defend our nation, some officers and many specialists, taught to know consequences of actions. But sadly, here they are taking advantage of these young women under their charge and got away with it.

I am not surprised that these people will graduate and go out into the society as public nuisance. Look at the news in the last decade, people who were caught involved in lewd conducts in public, underage sex services, taking up-skirt photos and etc, many of them are made up of people from this strata of society, teachers, principal, engineers, doctors and highly educated individuals. They should be punished more severely. If NUS and MOE are serious in maintaining their global ranking and public trust, perhaps one way is for NUS to revoke their degrees with immediate effect.”