Khaw Boon Wan's "100 disruption-free days" is a disingenuous and misleading statement

On 19 April, Minister Khaw claimed on his blog, “For us in the rail industry, clearing 100 disruption-free days is no mean feat: it requires everyone to do everything right.  Any misstep can cause a disruption.” But in the introduction paragraph, he claimed that there was “no major incident”.
Were there really no disruptions at all on the NSL in the past 100 days? Or is Minister Khaw referring to “no major incident” only? Then in that case, “100 disruption-free days” is a disingenuous and misleading statement.
The fact of the matter is, that there WERE disruptions on the NSL in the past 100 days.
Included sources for fact-checking.
North-South Line (NSL)
First instance – North-South Line service disrupted at Bishan station on 18 Mar 2016

Second instance – Train fault disrupted North-South Line service between City Hall and Newton on 15 Feb 2016
A train fault near Dhoby Ghaut station disrupted North-South Line service between City Hall and Newton towards Jurong East during peak hour commute on Monday morning. The incident started at 09:20am and normal service was recovered after 16 minutes.

Also, Minister Khaw claims that the DTL has passed 178 day milestone. That’s almost the past 6 months. Let’s see whether that claim is accurate.
Downtown Line (DTL)
First instance – Train fault disrupted Downtown Line service on 6 Jan 2016

Second instance – Signalling fault disrupted Downtown Line service on 31 Dec 2015

A door and signalling fault caused delays on the Downtown Line on Thursday (Dec 31) morning. Commuters had taken to social media to vent their frustrations, with some Twitter users complaining that they were stuck at a station for 15 minutes after train doors failed to close. Responding to queries from The Straits Times, Downtown Line operator SBS Transit said the problem at Botanic Gardens station was due to a door fault that prevented the train from closing its doors automatically. “This caused a delay of 15 minutes at 6.45am before regular service could resume,” SBS Transit said. Meanwhile, a signalling fault on another train caused service along the line to slow down at about 7.35am, with commuters experiencing an additional travelling time of 15 minutes. Normal service eventually resumed at 8am, SBS Transit added. 
(ST, 31 Dec 2015)

Third instance – Signalling fault disrupted Downtown Line service on 29 Dec 2015
Commuters using the Downtown Line 2 (DTL2) to get to work yesterday morning found that there were delays on the new line. Mr Zhi Cong, 23, said the train he boarded at Bukit Panjang did not move out of the station for about eight minutes. “After the train reached Sixth Avenue, it was stuck again for another eight minutes,” said Mr Zhi. Lawyer Lyv Meah, 37, said the platform doors failed to open at Rochor station, causing a delay. She added that the train she was on moved “slowly and jerkily” towards Bugis after the problem with the doors was rectified. SBS Transit’s senior vice-president for corporate communications Tammy Tan said that slow service on the line was caused by a signalling fault at Rochor station at 9.10am yesterday. “The fault was rectified soon after and trains could resume their regular speed at about 9.18am,” she added. (ST, 30 Dec 2015)

Where does Minister Khaw get his data from?
For a complete timeline of MRT disruptions, please see

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