PAP vs SDP – which video is a “party political film”?

News reports headlines
News reports headlines
News reports headlines

On 17 August, the Singapore Democratic Party video, entitled “Pappy Washing Powder”, was classified a party political film by the Media Development Authority (MDA) and is therefore prohibited under the Films Act.

The MDA, however, has decided not to take further actions against the party as the video is considered the first party political film. The MDA said that as such the parties might not be fully aware of the requirements under the Act.

The MDA reminded the political parties to abide by the Films Act and to ensure that political debate in Singapore is conducted in a responsible and dignified manner, and not by using the film medium to sensationalise serious issues in a biased or emotional manner”.

The Films Act defines any film which is an advertisement made by or on behalf of any political party in Singapore, or any body whose objects relate wholly or mainly to politics in Singapore, or any branch of such party or body; or which is made by any person and directed towards any political end in Singapore.

In May 2014, the youth wing of the PAP, Young PAP, released a video entitled, “Re-ignite the Passion of Servant Leadership”, was cleared by the MDA and given a PG rating.

The MDA said the video “does not fall under the category of political films”.

The Straits Times reported:

“This is because it does not have animation or dramatic elements. The video is also made by a political party and comprises its manifesto and ideology, on the basis of which the party’s candidates will seek to be elected.”

The video seems to have been made private since then, after it drew widespread ridicule for being “robotic”. (A copy of it has been uploaded online by another Facebook page, and a parody of it emerged soon after. Please see below.)

On Monday, the MDA classified the SDP video as a party political film.

Can you tell why one is classified as such while the other is not?

The Young PAP video (from another Facebook page) – “Re-ignite the Passion of Servant Leadership”:

Parody of the PAP’s “Re-ignite the Passion of Servant Leadership”:

SDP’s “Pappy Washing Powder”:

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