Never too young to make a difference with kindness

kindness kids 6
Student from Little Skool-House (By-the-Crescent) colouring a Kindness daisy

Over 80,000 pre-schoolers will celebrate Kindness Day SG this year as the initiative is extended to 564 kindergartens and other pre-schools across the island. Continuing with the theme of “A Nation of Kindness Starts with One”, which advocates the power of the individual to make a difference, pre-schools were provided with a Kindness Day SG Resource Package that helps teachers to plan and organise simple, but meaningful, activities for their charges.

Pre-schools such as Carpe Diem, Cherie Hearts, Just Kids, Little Skool-House International, My First Skool, MY World, Nurture Education Group and PAP Community Foundation have received the packages since early this month, and have been holding their own celebrations of kindness and graciousness in classrooms – in some cases, with a little bit of help

kindness kids 1
Coloured Gerbera daisies adorn the Kindness Wall at Little Skool House (By-The-Crescent)
kindness kids 5
Student from My World (Yishun) receiving some help from a teacher to attach the Kindness Daisy on the Kindness Wall
kindness kids 4
Gerbera daisy templates, a Cubbie card game and teacher’s guides were among the exciting items in the Kindness Day SG Resource Package
kindness kids 3
A Kindergarten 1 class playing the Yes Cubbie, No Cubbie card game
kindness kids 2
A vibrant Kindness Wall completed by the Kindergarten 2 class of MY World (Yishun)

In recognition of the pre-schools who have committed to partnering SKM in implementing the activities within their schools, SKM issued a certificate of participation to these partners, acknowledging their commitment to nurturing pro-social values in their young charges, so as to help build a kinder and more gracious Singapore.

“Kindness doesn’t discriminate by age. It has no minimum height restrictions. Kindness only has a minimum heart requirement, and our young people have a lot of heart.” said Dr William Wan, general secretary of SKM. “This is why I believe that it is vitally important to encourage values like kindness, graciousness, empathy and consideration from a very young age, and we are ecstatic at the overwhelming support we have received from pre-schools towards Kindness Day SG.”

Beyond the classroom, members of the public can similarly commemorate Kindness Day SG with their families and communities by visiting ImagiNation at *SCAPE Playspace on 30th and 31st May.

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