Daily Archives: 2015-04-18

The dragon is awakened – a pottery experience, a bid for our heritage

By Howard Lee Dragon kilns are massive “ovens” for heat-hardening pottery items, and originated in China. Measuring up to 60m in length and built into the ground, they can be found in places around the world where the pottery trade is plied. The long earthen chambers would hiss and seep smoke during the kilning process, hence their name. Fuelled by a …

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Why job cheats cheat

By Masked Crusader When it was pointed out to the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore that one of its employees, Nisha Padmanabhan, had a Masters degree from a degree mill that has since shut down, the IDA’s response could scarcely have been predicted. It replied that the MBA qualification had little bearing on her hiring. Her salary and job scope …

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The Long Wait For Justice

By Jolovan Wham Last week, 40-year-old Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), Sheng Jianzhong, the Managing Director of Sheng Yu Construction Builders Pte Ltd was sentenced to three weeks’ imprisonment and fined $169,000 in the State Courts. He admitted to 38 charges of receiving kickbacks from 24 foreign workers, amounting to a total of $85,380. The worker in this case was able …

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