AHPETC accused by CCC of denying responsibility of zebra crossing in its GRC

A resident at the Aljunied GRC has shared a photo with TOC which show a notice posted up on the noticeboard of Blk 460 Hougang Avenue 10.


The notice by Citizens’ Consultative Committees accuses the Aljunied Hougang Punggol East town council (AHPETC) of not taking responsibility and ownership of a faded zebra crossing at the GRC and that the town council had to be reminded by the CCC to repaint the zebra crossing.

The Chairman for the CCC is Victor Lye who was given 1.5 year of leave from his work as Chief Executive Officer of Shenton Insurance to do grassroots activities.

This is not the first time the grassroots have voiced criticism against the AHPETC for their work.

On 13 March 2015, Mr Lye and his grassroots member went around some of the residential blocks at Aljunied GRC to distribute leaflets to urge residents to quiz the member of parliaments of the ward who are from Workers’ Party (WP) over the accounting and corporate governance lapses committed by AHPETC.

Perhaps due to the negative feedback over the leaflets, the distribution of the leaflet was stopped as TOC was unable to get hold of any other blocks which has received such leaflets during its visit to the estate.

AHPETC said in its reply to TOC, “AHPETC is aware of this and has already painted the zebra crossing. Mr Pritam Singh, vice-chairman of AHPETC, sent an email to Mr Victor Lye about three weeks ago to ask for more details on the communication with the TC so we can investigate but we have yet to receive a reply.”

LTA replied TOC, “Thank you for your query. I found that the zebra crossing was already repainted when I passed through the location. I have also updated HDB on the location of the Zebra crossing location and the land status of the said crossing. Which the status shown as HDB. I will confirm again tonight the crossing and closed the case.”

TOC has also sent our enquiries to HDB for clarifications and will publish them when they reply.

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