Price of motorcycle COE hits another new high

Cat D price history

By SGCharts.com

The price of motorcycle COEs (Cat D) has hit yet another historical new high at $5,800!

In the last COE open bidding in February, COE pricing for Cat D hit $5,504.

In comparison, the average price of motorcycle COEs was just $1,757 in 2013, and $4,027 in 2014. The price has tripled in over a year!

Prices of the other COE categories have fallen, but the price of a “mass-market car” COE (Cat A) is still very close to that of a luxury car COE (Cat B).

At $57,199, Cat A is 85.7% of the price of Cat B ($66,751). The difference is $9,552.

How do commercial vehicles (Cat C) compare to luxury cars (Cat B)?

At $53,202, Cat C is 79.7% of the price of Cat B ($$66,751). The difference is $13,549.

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