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Where have all the IBs gone – Part 3: Their cause and its effect

By Terry Xu We have earlier discussed about the evolution of the People’s Action Party’s Internet Brigade (IB), and how a casual observer can better identify them to ascertain their subversive intent. While it might seem trivial that any attention should be given to those who have nothing better to do than disrupt discussions online, we need to consider the …

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Conflict between cyclists and pedestrians

By Tan Lay Hoon Views on road cycling have shaped the authorities’ attitude towards and management of off-road cyclists. Adult cyclist education is voluntary, enforcement is tempered and barriers are installed occasionally to prevent cycling access on pedestrian facilities (obstructing pedestrians as well). Off-road cycle infrastructure facilitates cycling but some of them sharpen cyclist-pedestrian conflict. As many off-road cyclists value convenience …

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700,000 “lower-income”?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the articles “Shortage of 10,000 guards as people shun low-paid sector” and “When workers get Workfare, spouses work more” (The Straits Times, 26 November). The former states that “only Singaporeans, permanent residents and Malaysians can work as security guards in Singapore. And all security guards are individually licensed by the police.” The report …

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Where have all the IBs gone – Part 2: Catch them if you can

By Terry Xu It is clear that the ruling People’s Action Party’s (PAP) Internet Brigade (IB) is still around and active. From its original “coming out” in 2007 to the latest announcement by a key Cabinet Minister of the need for the PAP to “fight at every street corner” just last year, we can surmise that there is still a …

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