Another police report made against PRC Yang Yin

Yesterday (21 Sep), the Chinese media reported that the niece of 87-year-old multimillionaire widow Chung Khin Chun, had made another police report against former PRC tour guide Yang Yin.

Yang is currently embroiled in a tussle over the $40 million assets of Mdm Chung. Mdm Chung’s niece has initiated court proceedings to revoke Yang’s guardianship of her aunt’s assets, alleging that Yang has manipulated her aunt to give him control of the assets. Mdm Chung was diagnosed with dementia this year.

In an affidavit, Mr Yang alleged that Mdm Chung, who has no children, took a liking to him and asked him to be her “grandson” in 2008 when he was then a tour guide in China.

Yang was later arrested on 17 Sep for suspected criminal breach of trust (‘Latest: PRC Yang arrested for alleged CBT‘) but is currently out on bail, said to be posted by a Singaporean woman.

After Yang and his family were forced to leave Mdm Chung’s bunglow, family members of Mdm Chung found an unusual letter left behind:


It was a letter asking the insurance company to transfer a home insurance plan from Mdm Chung’s husband name to Mdm Chung’s name. The letter has the signature of Mdm Chung on it.

It was reported that the family members became suspicious of the letter after they noticed a few issues on the letter:

1. After Mdm Chung’s husband passed away in 2007, she didn’t bother to take care of this matter. Then suddenly on 31 Oct 2011, she “decided” to pursue it. Why the sudden attention to the insurance policy after 4 years of her husband’s death? The family members asked.

2. Mdm Chung has stayed in the bunglow in almost her entire life. How is it that she can misspell her address (see top of of the letter)?

3. The letter said that Mdm Chung has hearing issues. But according to the family members, other than she has dementia, her hearing is perfectly fine.

In the letter, it also said to contact her “grandson”, Yang. This really infuriated the family members. Mdm Chung’s sister and niece then confronted Yang asking him to show proof that he is the legal grandson of Mdm Chung. Yang couldn’t. This was when Mdm Chung’s niece made another police report against him, alleging fraud.

The family members suspected that the letter was prepared by someone without any instructions from Mdm Chung and later got her to sign at the time when she already has dementia. In 2011, Yang was still not a legal guardian of Mdm Chung yet. He became one only in 2012.

It’s unlikely that the letter was written by Yang himself because of his lack of command of English. It was said that Yang had even earlier asked for money from Mdm Chung to attend English classes. Furthermore, Yang’s name in the letter was misspelled too. It was written as “Yang Ying” and not “Yang Yin”.

It’s not known who is the person who wrote the letter but certainly, it seemed to be a local person rather than a PRC due to the misspelling of Yang’s name in the letter. If it’s written by a local, it’s also not known the relationship of this local and Yang, if any.

The above report was first published on TR Emeritus.