LTA announces new toll charges which tally with “fake” document

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced new toll charges for the Causeway on Friday.

All toll charges will be increased, except for motorcycles, for vehicles leaving Singapore through the Causeway from 1 October.

Vehicles entering Singapore will also face new increased charges.

According to Channel Newsasia:

For foreign-registered cars, Singapore’s Causeway entry toll, that is those entering Singapore from Johor, will be recorded in LTA’s toll system and displayed to motorists upon entry into Singapore. Payment will be deducted only upon leaving Singapore, whether through the Causeway or Second Link, together with the exit toll, Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges if any.

This will be the same as the existing practice for the Second Link entry toll, LTA added.

For all other vehicles that do not pay VEP fee – that is all Singapore-registered vehicles and foreign-registered goods vehicles, buses and taxis – they will pay their Causeway entry toll upon entry into Singapore and their exit toll upon leaving Singapore. Again, this will be the same as the existing practice for the Second Link tolls, LTA stated.

“Singapore will follow suit should Malaysia reduce or do away with the toll charges,” the agency added.

The new charges appear to confirm a supposedly leaked document last week, which gave the new hiked fees and was circulated online around 5 September.

The LTA, however, had denied that it had released any such statements, and was reported to have said that the document was “fake”. (See here and here.)

The authorities are also said to have begun an investigation into the “fake” LTA document.

The charges in the leaked document, however, seem to be exactly the same as the charges released by the LTA today (12 September, Friday).

Leaked document:



New charges (source: Channel Newsasia):