Daily Archives: 2014-07-08

Not enough MPs in Parliament to pass 2 Bills

Nominated Member of Parliament, Eugene Tan, had to intervene twice during parliamentary proceedings on Monday when two Bills were to be voted on. When amendments to the Radiation Protection Act and the Copyright Act were to be passed, Mr Tan observed that there was no quorum, or the required number of MPs present in the House, as required by the Constitution. …

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Proposals in response to COI’s Little India riot recommendations

By Yasmeen Banu Responding to the recommendations by the Committee of Inquiry (COI) for the Little India riot in December 2013, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Manpower outlined initiatives that they will undertake to address the recommendations made by the COI, although the solutions proposed seem to fall a few short of the full slate. After weeks …

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A new era for sports

When the new Sports Hub finally have its official opening in 2015, it will herald a new era of sporting culture in Singapore – and change the way we live our lives here on this island. What one might also hope to see is Singapore no longer depending on “buying” sporting talents from overseas through the “Foreign Sports Talent Scheme” …

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Respecting freedom of speech – dissecting a protest snafu

By Ariffin Sha At the protest to call for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to step down, a video of Mr Mohammed Bashir being booed off stage went viral, as he was making some positive remarks about the ruling People’s Action party. That video made it’s rounds and many said that the opposition want freedom of speech but they do …

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Full CPF withdrawal at age 55 “wrong and irresponsible”: Tan Chuan Jin

In Parliament on Tuesday, Minister of Manpower Tan Chuan Jin explained the reasons behind the CPF scheme, and in particular the Minimum Sum (MS) scheme. He said that in Singapore, “assurance in old age revolves around a few key considerations: healthcare, housing and retirement needs.” “The CPF,” he said, “is our key pillar in the social security system. It is …

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Consider allowing peaceful protests: Sylvia Lim

In Parliament on Monday, Workers’ Party Member of Parliament, Sylvia Lim, asked Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister, Teo Chee Hean, if he would consider allowing peaceful protests “in certain designated roads so that the police can … on a regular basis test their policing capabilities in terms of policing cause-based crowds.” Here are the transcripts of the exchange …

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