A new era for sports


When the new Sports Hub finally have its official opening in 2015, it will herald a new era of sporting culture in Singapore – and change the way we live our lives here on this island.

What one might also hope to see is Singapore no longer depending on “buying” sporting talents from overseas through the “Foreign Sports Talent Scheme” (FST).

This has always been a sticking point, a contentious scheme ever since it was introduced in 1993 by the Table Tennis Association here.

Criticised for taking the easy way out by importing talents and granting them citizenship so they can don Singapore colours in competition, the scheme has not worked insofar as promoting our own talent development and creating a sense of national identity are concerned.

On the contrary, the scheme has been slammed for doing exactly the opposite – that even as the medals may come in, there is no sense of patriotic pride among Singaporeans about them.

Perhaps with a culture of sports which hopefully will emerge with this latest sports master plan, we will raise our own world class sportsmen and sportswomen – and not have to resort to short-cuts to achieve world recognition.

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