Resleepering works disrupt MRT service again along North-south line

This morning (3 July 2014), SMRT announced a disruption in train service due to damage to signalling equipment due to resleeping work on the North-South Line.  (source)

We have imposed speed restrictions along the train tracks between Woodlands and Admiralty MRT stations. This is due to damage to trackside signalling equipment caused by a Road Rail Vehicle during resleepering work early this morning.

SMRT engineers are currently on ground working on repairing the fault. Passengers are advised to provision for an additional 20 minutes of travel time.

There was no tweets to warn the public and no bus bridging activated for the disruption. SMRT twitter

Though SMRT is saying that there was only speed restrictions in the train service but commuters did not feel the same way when they shared their experience on the transport company’s fanpage.

disruptiong 3 july
bus service 3 july

Many of the commenters on the SMRT’s status update expressed their frustration over the disruption of service and said that they were asked to alight at Kranji station.

This is not the first time that resleepering works have disrupted service on the North-South Line. A similar incident also occurred on 12 Jun 2014 but SMRT did not clarify on the nature of the incident then.

Due to re-sleepering works, an incident has occurred on the tracks going northbound between Yew Tee and Sembawang MRT stations. Engineers rectified the incident by 6am. Bus bridging and free bus services were activated and ceased around 6:30am.

For a graphical chart of the past breakdowns and disruption of services, visit