SPP – “High salaries will not mitigate corruption”

Singapore People’s Party (SPP) released a press statement on Wednesday in light of the news of the 39-year-old CPIB assistant director,  Edwin Yeo Seow Hiong being charged in court for corruption.

The party note that corruption related offences among the high ranking and junior public officers are on the rise  and urge the government to tighten the system to fight corruption.

They brought out the question of whether there is sufficient protection against corruption within the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

The party also states, they believe that offering high salaries will not deter corruption in the public service, and calls for yet heavier penalties for corruption offences for deterrence.

The  accused has been charged with eight counts of misappropriation totalling more than S$1.7 million and also 12 counts under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act. The offences took place between 2008 and 2012.


The SPP’s press release as attached below

Corruption and the CPIB: high salaries will not mitigate corruption

An Assistant Director at the CPIB was charged in court today for misappropriating an amount of not less than $1.7 million. We also note an increase in corruption-related offences among high-ranking and junior public officers recently.

Who guards the guardians?

We urgently call on the government to tighten the system to fight corruption. We view corruption involving public money as more serious than other offences involving public servants. Even more important is the old question – who will guard the guardians themselves against corruption? The government needs to address the public’s concerns.

High salaries will not mitigate corruption

The government’s policy is that paying high salaries will mitigate corruption in the public and civil service. It is time for this policy to be questioned again. We urge the government to prioritise a ‘stick’ approach, rather than a ‘carrot’ approach, in tackling corruption. Corruption can only be deterred if the penalties are costlier than the potential bribe received. This should begin with imposing tougher penalties for offences such as asset misappropriation.

SPP: eradicating corruption among public servants

The SPP has taken an interest in eradicating corruption among public servants for many years. Back in 1987 in Parliament, our Secretary-General Mr Chiam See Tong pushed for a commission of inquiry on the CPIB investigations on the ex-Minister for National Development, Mr Teh Cheang Wan. We believe it is in the public interest that there can be no suggestion of any concealment or cover-up of any corruption or criminal wrongdoing on the part of public servants.




Chairman, Singapore People’s Party (SPP)

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