By Leong Sze Hian

Madam Ang (not her real name) is 57 years old, and works as a tea lady in an office.

She stays in a 1-room HDB rental flat. Her salary is about $950.


Take away bed bug furniture

On 15 July, her constituency made arrangements to take away her bed and cupboard because of bed bugs, under her constituency’s programme to help HDB rental flats that are infested with bed bugs.


No replacement after more than a month?

However, until now, there is still no replacement of the bed and cupboard.

She went to see her member of parliament (MP) on 13 August about this problem.

As 20 August is a public holiday (Mondays MPS (meet-the-people session)), she intends to see her MP again on 27 August, if there is still no sign of her furniture replacement.

In the meantime, in desperation, she managed to get a friend to give her a broken bed to sleep on.