PKMS terminates and strips membership of its President

~by: Jewel Philemon~


The supreme executive council (SEC) of PKMS (Singapore Malay National Organisation) has terminated and stripped its ex-President Mr Ali Asjadi of his membership and all his duties in PKMS.


The political party’s SEC made this decision because of Mr Asjadi’s:

  • misuse of authority as President
  • unauthorised usage of building facilities (storage of contraband)
  • unauthorised usage of PKMS vehicle for personal use
  • illegal activities which is against the Law of Singapore

In a statement released today, PKMS stated that none of its other members were involved or are aware of Mr Asjadi’s activities, and that the Party does not condone his behaviour.

Mr Abu Mohamed, the deputy President, will take over in the interim as Acting President of PKMS.

This decision was made with regards to┬áMr Ali Asjadi’s arrest on Saturday following a raid by the Singapore Customs for contraband cigarettes (see HERE)


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