NTUC Fairprice in Hougang closes

The NTUC FairPrice Supermarket at Hougang Community Club has closed down with effect from today.  The outlet especially serves many elderly residents in the opposition-held ward of Hougang.

While reasons such as NTUC FairPrice’s restructuring and upgrading have been cited as reasons for the closure, some residents TOC spoke to in Hougang questioned why an established name such as NTUC FairPrice, with its well-known government links, would suddenly close down, leaving residents bereft of the convenience of a well-placed supermarket that has served them well over the years.

They wonder if it is a subtle move to boycott an opposition-held ward by NTUC Fairprice.

One resident who identified himself as Andrew said, “HDB had taken down the wet market in Hougang and NTUC was set-up as an alternative.  The outlet is well patronised by the old folks, housewives and working adults whu buy things on their way back home in the evenings. I cannot help but feel that this latest closure has got something to do with the ruling party loosing the wards of Hougang and Aljunied”.

Some other Hougang residents TOC spoke to however felt that the closure was due to high rental. The shop owners TOC spoke to also expressed this view.

The staff from the Member of Parliament’s office who spoke to us said that the closure is because NTUC Fairprice’s lease period had expired.

Some shop owners in the vicinity speculated that that a ‘Yes’ supermarket would be taking the place of NTUC FairPrice. But the MP’s office said they have no news of any new amenities that would be set-up in place of the supermarker which vacated the premise today.

Almost all residents TOC spoke to hoped that a suitable alternative supermarket would be set-up in NTUC Fairprice’s place, for the sake of convenience of the residents in Hougang SMC.