The Workers’ Party Youth Wing (WPYW) will be taking a personal tour of Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh’s office in Parliament House on Friday (18 Jun), and is inviting the public to join in the live stream video on Instagram.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (17 Jun), the WPYW announced that the live stream session will start at 7.30pm today on its Instagram page.

“Join us tomorrow night on the main @wpsgp Instagram account, as we get an inside glimpse into the LO office in Parliament House, and what LO Pritam has been up to,” it wrote.

Viewers are also able to pose questions in the comments section, and the WP’s team may pose the questions to Mr Singh.

Mr Singh was appointed as Leader of the Opposition in Singapore’s 14th Parliament, after the WP won a second GRC in Sengkang – including Aljunied GRC – and 10 seats in Parliament, up from six in the previous General Election (GE).

He was granted an office and a meeting room in the Parliament House, as well as a secretary to assist him with administrative matters regarding parliamentary business.

Apart from that, Mr Singh also gained access to confidential briefings on select matters pertaining to national security and invitations to state functions. His allocated time to make speeches is equivalent to that of political officeholders such as ministers and parliamentary secretaries.

He was also granted the right of first response among Members of Parliament (MPs) and to ask the lead question to the ministers on policies, bills, and motions, subject to existing speaking conventions.

As the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Singh will receive double the allowance of an elected MP with an annual package of S$385,000.

However, in the spirit of charity and goodwill, he had announced that he will be setting aside half of his salary increase as LO for donations to his party, residents, and charities.

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