FOTF reveals fundamentalist agenda in latest anti-gay campaign

The following is an excerpt from Yawning Bread

Just when the legislature in Albany legalised same-sex marriage, making New York state the sixth and largest US state (so far) to do so, Focus on the Family in Singapore launched another anti-gay campaign. They distributed two booklets over the last weekend to several other churches. At least one church has reportedly stuffed the lot in a corner refusing to redistribute the publications to its congregation. It probably recognised the campaign for what it was: an unchristian attempt to demean other people.

A heading inside one of the two booklets was dripping with irony. It said “Re-establishing honesty and accountability”.

This is coming from an organisation that believes in stealth tactics. It has not been honest about what it’s about, regularly presenting itself as a non-religious group that seeks to promote family life. Our compliant mainstream media has often re-printed their disclaimer that they are non-religious. Our Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports closes one eye and takes their word at face value, giving them legitimacy and support like they would to any secular organisation.

Do a websearch of Focus on the Family’s Singapore website, and you will see the extreme care they have taken not to breathe a word about their religious affiliation.

Even in their anti-gay agenda through the years, they like to present themselves as arguing against homosexuality (more accurately: arguing for the persecution of gay people through social and legal measures) from the standpoint of “family values”. Hogwash. Focus on the Family is an organisation dedicated to the pursuit of political Christianity, i.e. aiming to entrench fundamentalist Christian values as dominant values in whichever society they operate in, and to influence governmental policy and legislation accordingly. The effect on families with gay children is disastrous.

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