Michael Fernandez speaking at the Face to Face forum on Dec 16

Former ISA detainee Michael Fernandez submitted a writ against the Singapore government for unlawful detention this morning. Fernandez was held without trial from 1964 to 1973.

Between Novemeber to Decemeber 1963, Mr Fernandez –  a labour activist – led a month-long, 10,000-strong strike at the Singapore Naval Base in Oct-Nov 1963. Fernandez was then General-Secretary of the Naval Base Labour Union. Under the Internal Security Act, Fernandez then was arrested for being a member of the ‘Communist United Front’, a claim he has denied.

At a press conference today, Mr Fernandez, who is 77 years old, said that he wanted there to be a record of his experiences before he passes on. He added that the younger generation should know about the history of such detentions.

Mr Fenandez is represented by human rights lawyer M Ravi.

More updates soon.

Watch SDP’s interview with Michael Fernandez here.

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