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PM Lee comes under fire for controversial remarks

May 05
08:17 2014
PM Lee (PIc: CNA)

PM Lee (PIc: CNA)

After creating controversy last month by describing some Singaporeans as “a disgrace to Singapore” for threatening the organisers of a Philippines Independence Day celebration, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has once again caused blood pressure to rise among some citizens.

At a grassroots event in Ang Mo Kio on Sunday to celebrate the Indian New Year, Mr Lee was reported to have said that “the event was an embodiment of the theme as well as on a larger scale where everyone participates as one big Singapore family” and that Singapore was a place “where we all celebrate one another’s festivals and happy events together.”

He added that “Singapore belongs to all of us”, which he said included “Singaporeans, new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here.”

Mr Lee’s comments were reported by Channel Newsasia:


Mr Lee’s remarks, which were first reported by the media in India, raised howls of protest from some online who see his comments as unacceptable.

“How can a PR or Employment Pass Holder be equal to a citizen?” one person posted on The Online Citizen’s Facebook page. “This is truly a slap to every Singapore-born son who has given two years of his life to national service. For a leader to say that this country belongs to people who don’t hold a Singapore citizenship is absolutely shocking.”

“We the citizens of Singapore have just been reduced to the status of guests in our own country by our own PM,” said Steve Chia.

“How can a country belongs to everybody who happens to live here?” asked David Tan Hock San.

Janet Ng said Mr Lee has “forgotten [why] our forefathers fought so hard for Singapore ann those who have sacrificed their lives for Singapore.”

“Singapore is for Singaporeans,” she said. “Those who are PRs (Permanent Residents) or working with WP (Work Permit), SP (Special Pass) are just visitors of Singapore who only help the economy [of] Singapore. Only when you are a citizen of Singapore… can say Singapore is for you. We have to draw the line even though you don’t like it. Very sad to hear this from our leader.”

Kevinn Heng said, “As a citizen [I] am most sad to see this statement. We welcome guests but that does not equate to them having an ownership of our land and what we have built.”

Many said that since Mr Lee says Singapore belongs to everyone who is here, foreigners should then be asked to do National Service (NS), which has become a sticking point among Singaporeans since Mr Lee’s government opened the floodgates to 2 million foreigners.

Foreigners presently make up 40 per cent of Singapore’s total population of 5.4m, which is expected to increase further to 6.9m by 2030.

While first generation PRs are not required to do NS, their sons will have to. Still, the call for the former to be conscripted in the military has been an ongoing on.

It prompted Mr Lee, who was a Brigadier General before entering politics in 1984, to make another controversial remark in 2009:

“If we make it (NS and Reservist for PR) a requirement, we would not get the people we wanted,” he said.

“Secondly, if they did serve NS at 30, 40 and 50 years old. I would not like to be their platoon commander.”

His remarks prompted one blogger to write:

“[To] belittle the contributions and sacrifices of thousands of NSmen who serve till 40 is appallingly sick! It is so sad to know that Singapore citizens who recite the Singapore Aspiration (Pledge?) are lesser mortals in Singapore than PRs who spice up the lives of elite Singaporeans!”

[Read here: “Ungrateful platoon commander, insensitive leeder”]

TODAY report, 2009

TODAY report, 2009

Former presidential candidate, Tan Kin Lian, has also castigated Mr Lee for his latest views.

“The remark by PM Lee that Singapore belongs to everyone staying here, including the foreigners on work asses, makes a mockery of asking male citizens to serve National Service,” Mr Tan said. “It is ridiculous to have this person as the prime minister.”

Blogger Ng E Jay said Mr Lee “urgently needs to clarify his highly controversial remark.”

“Netizens have reacted strongly to Mr Lee’s statements, which seem to have been interpreted in a highly negative fashion,” Mr Ng said. “Given the different interpretations and the angry reactions of many netizens, I urgently call upon PM Lee to clarify. Just what do you mean?”

  • sultan22

    Maybe Lee Hsien Loong can open his house and all his apartments to everybody to walk in as and when they like, cook curry or some duck neck duck leg and say “We are one big family”. Maybe he can even rent them out to get a feel of what is like and who knows they may even belanjah him some mutton curry.

  • sultan22

    i think the cancerous cells have gone into his pig brain !!!
    You have betrayed especially . out Pioneer generation ,fathers and grandfather who worked so hand to build this city,nation or country .. i am getting very confused who,what and where we belong with your daily nonsense

  • guest
  • Conkerer

    This is only controversial to bigots. Say your son has a best friend who comes over and has dinner. After a while he becomes “part of the family”.

    • Armstrong

      well said, Conkerer. TOC should stop creating controversy. There are more important issues in life than just such topic on our indian mates gathering…

    • nelsonmandala

      worst..that same best fren might asked can he sleep with your filipino maid as well

      • kool_m

        Hahaha, it could get even worse. lol :-)

  • PikuChoo

    Given that support from “true blue” Singaporeans have stubbornly remained unchanged (or even dropping), one can understand the PM’s need to look for support from non-traditional sources (and the govt’s continued holding open the floodgates to immigration).

    I guess we should not be too unduly worried at this stage. I mean, it is not as if PM Lee said that everyone who happens to be living here can participate in our General Elections….

    • kool_m

      You’ve got a point there but given the powers ‘vested’ on him by Singaporeans, he could easily fast tracked ‘new citizens’ to vote come 2016, not that they will be gleefully rubbing their hands in accepting the offer and vote accordingly. Nonetheless, it’s time to cut that ‘powers’ down to size now and forever or we shall rest in our peace.

  • john

    If this is not betrayal of the highest order, I do not know what is. All Singaporeans, the PM has spoken! Know where you stand. No amount of damage control can erase the words spoken and the manner it was delivered.

    • Arnold_Chong

      What is the difference between ‘treason’ and ‘treachery’?

      (M. Venugopal, Secunderabad)

      The two words have a negative connotation. Both refer to the deliberate and wilful act of betraying someone. When you betray a friend or someone who is supposed to be close to you, it is called ‘treachery’. Our politicians are famous for this.

      *How could you do this to me? I didn’t expect this treachery.

      Treason is a much more serious form of betrayal. When you commit treason, you betray your country. You commit treason against the country or against the king who rules the country.

      *The prisoner denied that he had committed treason.

      According to some books on usage, all treasonable acts are treacherous, but not all treachery is treason.


    • Arnold_Chong

      Many furious citizens, especially those who have faithfully completed their NS obligation, are calling it treason.

      • Jeff Dickey

        Now, let’s ask ourselves: is this the first such statement he (or his father, or their close associates) have made in an official capacity? How, then, did 60.1% vote for people who say things like this last GE? Can we at least get a fifth of those people to wake up and decide what being a Singapore citizen means? Supporting this kind of speech and mindset, with the audacity to give themselves the highest salary of any politicians on the planet, and thumbing their noses (or other orifices) at the people over whom they have the honour of ruling?

        What are you going to do about it?

  • Ericsson

    Once upon a time, a rich father left behind a huge piece of land to his idiot son. not long after , the son proclaimed ..
    ” This piece if land belongs to all those living here ! ”

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what happened after that .. YEAH !!
    People started setting their foot on idiot’s land and started fighting for their spaces, building their own houses and do whatever they wished , Of course the idiot’s son will be kicked out of his lands and lost everything overnight ..

    Does lhl sounds like the IDIOT ?

    • kool_m

      You talking about ah dou (啊斗)?

  • alex

    The people complaining about his speech need to decide what they want. Aren’t they complaining about foreigners who don’t integrate, don’t do NS and have no loyalty to singapore? Then why are we complaining that PM wants them to feel a part of our family?

  • Arnold_Chong

    This is outrageous.

    Who gave him the right to say this.

    He is just an elected politician and servant of the people.

    It makes everyone wonder if his apology, to the citizens of Singapore just before the general elections in 2011, was sincere.

    I’ve spoken to many Singaporeans and all agree on one thing: This man doesn’t deserve to be our Prime Minister.

    The sacred duty of elected officials and one holding the highest office in the land is to look after the welfare and interests of citizens.

    The moment that elected politician fails to carry out this sacred duty, he is no longer fit to hold that office. Period.

    • Jeff Dickey

      Once he chose to become an “elected politician”, has he not always been one, without serious risk of the people rising up and doing something unprecedented, like voting a sitting PM out of Parliament entirely? When have Parliament, or the judiciary, or the media, or anyone in an official or other public capacity ever told a Lee that he couldn’t do exactly and precisely whatever he wanted to, whenever and however he wanted to do it, and made it stick?

      What are we going to do about it?

      • nelsonmandala

        reformasi perhaps?
        than again the 66% eat too FOOL to reform @ all

        • Jeff Dickey

          And as long as we tell ourselves that, we’ll lose every time.

          We need to reach out to people, to be patient, to show them that no other country in the history of the planet (except North Korea and possibly post-Mao China to some degree) does things the way the PAP do.

          Which Korea would you rather Singapore be mentioned in the same breath in; the North or the South? Are you willing to coax people along to see reality and help make that change?

          • Objective_Guy

            Strangely the standard of living for average Singaporean here are even higher than South Korea. Do we hear and see people actually starving here like in North Korea or post-Mao China? Are you one of them?

          • Jeff Dickey

            People are homeless here, despite papaganda claiming that there is no such thing. Slavery exists in Singapore, despite papaganda claiming that there is no such thing. When the same people control the media, the judiciary, Parliament and the executive, even those who start with the most honourable of intentions will eventually fall into narcissistic authoritarianism of the sort seen in North Korea. Both China and the PAP have said for many years that the current Chinese socio-political model is based far more on the Singapore PAP model than on anything Mao, let alone Marx, would recognise as “Communism”. The current “socio-political model”, in “both” countries, excels at looting the wealth of the ordinary person and diverting it to Those Above.

            Whether or not that was the original intent is utterly irrelevant; what anyone with two functioning eyes and one functioning brain can see is that that is the effect. The PAP always say they make the “hard choices”, that they “see what needs seeing”; that’s how they “justify” the highest salaries in political history and the flagrant, omnipresent conflicts of interest inherent in their rule over the economy. How could an organisation that can even make such claims with a straight face not see how utterly the effect has usurped the claimed intent and, if the intent was sincere, how could they not take action to correct this? Occam’s Razor says they see exactly what the effects are, and that they indeed are what was truly intended.

      • Casey Lau

        Sue him till bankrupt lor

    • Objective_Guy

      In English, meaning of words must be taken into context. When people says “the earth belongs to everyone” in campaigns to urge people to protect the earth, does it means the everyone own a piece of earth and can do whatever they wish to it or does it means that everyone has a responsibility to protect the earth? On the contrary, in the context of someone criticizing me for the way I spent my $ and I reply back “the $ belongs to me” it means I own the $ and I can do whatever I wish to. Do you hear our PM says “Singapore belongs to everyone” in the context of government giving out aids to everyone? When he mention this in the context of festive celebrations, he merely means this is a place where people can come and celebrate life and let Singapore be part of their life. Are our welfare being compromised in such cases? What I have seen is actually an increased in aids to people in need etc. Even HK people are praising our government for what they have done so far to help people in need.

      • PikuChoo

        Please, do NOT give us AIDs…

      • Native Singaporean

        Earth is not a country – using it does not have issue of nationality. Earth does not have a immigration Ministry, a nation does.

    • GUSSIE91

      Dude…………….he has the ultimate power above all Singaporeans, no one can stop him or giving sensible advice.
      Please vote wisely in the next GE 2016.

  • kool_m

    PM, thank you for showing us your cards, I am now totally convinced of my thoughts/views of you and will act in accordance to my thinking. I wish you well and that should that day comes, you’d be treated the very same way you now accords to the foreigners if you resides in their country. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not about xenophobia but the your damned idiotic policy and thinking. Please remember, Singapore belongs to Singapore Citizens, not anybody else and definitely not exclusively to you and your family, that I mean includes your father. Till then, we’ll see you at the 2016 poll.

    • singaporean

      Make it 2

      • Jeff Dickey

        We’re going to need a lot more than 3 of us come the next GE. It’s not too early to start working at talking to people and getting them to see reality rather than PAP indoctrination. 2016 isn’t that far away, and Pinky could always decide to call a snap “election” if his advisers think that there’s a serious risk in waiting until 2016. Act now to bring about an independent Singapore.

      • GUSSIE91

        oh my……….make it 333,333

  • Soo Bon Yee

    I felt betrayed. Is Singapore being “sold” …………???????

    • albert

      No need to feel betrayed. Just vote the PAP out!

      • Jeff Dickey

        No. Feel betrayed. Feel angry. But don’t feel powerless, and let’s not take things out on anybody — not the 60.1% from last time (we need their votes); not the FWs who are only taking advantage of an opportunity (that’s been given too widely): let’s stay angry until we vote out the root cause of the problem: The Minister and His Cronies of the PAP. First we were colonised by the British; then we were colonised by the Lees. Let’s each talk to at least ten people a week from now to the GE, and make 2016 the year we get real independence – 51 years after we got it on paper.

    • GUSSIE91

      no,no,no………….Singapore is not for sale and it will never be.
      I will fight on.

  • Mike Marvel

    Dear Mr Loh,

    Thank you for bring to attention the fact that PM Lee’s remark could be misinterpreted by some people who have either missed the nuances of the word “belong” or simply being illogical.

    However, as a responsible and competent reporter, you have the moral obligation to correct this mistake made by these people. “belong” has multiple dictionary defintions. 1. used to say that someone or something should be in a particular place or situation. 2. to be the property of a person or thing.

    In this context, it is only logical and clear that PM Lee refers to the first definition. In this article, you fail to highlight the fact that there are multiple meanings to the word “belong”.

    If you are simply negligent or ignorant about the meanings of the word “belong”, there is no need to be ashamed. All of us made mistakes. You can make amendments by correcting this article to include the multiple meanings of the word “belong”.

    However, if you intentionally incite anger towards our PM to increase viewership and advertisements revenue, then shame on you for putting profits and fame before the welfare of our country.

    • Arnold_Chong

      “,,,someone or something should be in a particular place or situation”????

      Please elaborate on the first definition in the context in which the speech was intended.

  • Amen

    I don’t like Xenophobes and I don’t like traitors. Why is there no middle ground?!

    • Arnold_Chong

      One man’s xenophobe is another man’s patriot.

      But there is no differences of opinion with regards to traitors.

      • Jeff Dickey

        Except among the traitors themselves, of course… which can be a problem, if you believe such are in control of all of a certain country’s mass media outlets, of the education/indoctrination system, of the NS/indoctrination system…

        We’ve got work to do!

  • K81

    Im shock to see this. The leader of the country actually declare his country open. Im a 2nd gen SPR and has faithfully serve my 2.5 yrs Ns but after seeing this i felt that my contribution is bs! What for now you need the men and technology (money) to protrct your country?? You are actually telling the citizens to welcome invaders with open arms?? Saying ‘Come, you are part of oyr family, too!’.

  • AngCherLing

    Sigh… Not a year pass by without any controversial remarks from you PM Lee?

    From Mee Siam mai hum, turn on tap in shanghai to get free pork soup and free smoke in Beijing by opening one’s windows plus making unwarranted remarks to the US business leaders during last year’s US visit and that China should learn from SG when Xi & Li just got elected; to 2013 labour day’s speech that singaporeans is one the best working forces in the world but in reality we are being paid one of the lowest in the list of OECD most expensive country; to a child sending him a pix via FB this year to remind him that not all citizens are ungracious in giving up MRT seats to the needys etc…

    Are you NOT “inciting” international mockery and domestic hatred towards your own govt and party members by labelling us as xenophobic and ungracious bunch ? Where is your EQ when your party’s existence solely depends on the electorates decisions? Haiz… I don’t know what to say…

    • kool_m

      Many of the foreigners that I’ve come across will attest that Singaporeans by and large are friendly and hadn’t encountered any form of xenophobic experience. Some of them even think it’s played up by the government’s agendas and agree that given the influx of foreigners we are experiencing here with our open door, they would understand the sentiments if that’s the case. They said that this WON’T and CAN’T happened in their country and their policy makers don’t even dare think about it. Power to the People.

      • AngCherLing

        I’ve got a few British and French friends who once told me that the reasons they got out of their countries is the same exact reason why many Singaporeans left for other countries to work and migrate… That their nation is being “invaded” by the influx of immigrants and foreigners…

        See what happened to their leaders?

        • kool_m

          Precisely and we are talking about the EU which is a borderless block.

          I once met an Italian woman who’s been here for 10 years and how she’d loved this place until about 2-3 years back when, as she puts it. “The arrivals of undesirable Europeans with crude behaviours that even their own country folks detest” as evidenced by news of trouble and problems we read about. Question is ‘Is Singapore that ‘gian png’ hard up?’

          • AngCherLing

            Lol ;-) You can bet that “SG is pretty hard up” as the politicians are no longer just politicians… They are becoming more like “mercenary & ruthless merchants and traders” at the expense of its citizenry…

          • kool_m

            Hahaha, Then why should I or anyone be that stupid to appoint someone who’ll play my back or sell me to the whore house?

            I must be worse than daft to do such a thing right? lol

          • AngCherLing

            You bet! ;-)

          • kool_m

            “Online flak for Caucasian in road rage video” – ST 06 May 2014

            Ling, see what I mean with what the Italian woman I met talked about? We really are damn ‘gian png’ lol.

            “Hey Kool_mat, long time didn’t hear from you..

            I’ve just been notified by one of the posters that onlinecitizen website uses disqus platform ? Let’s check it out..”.

            I’ve just chanced upon this month long post of yours and think is a great idea and shall from now spent more time here than other website. Just hope that they will not behave like ST. Happy postings and let’s kpkb :-) kekeke

          • AngCherLing

            Yep, I went to the realsingapore website to watch the clip… and to think that he is the MD of Piaggo ? Still hasn’t learn anything from Anton Casey’s case… lol ;-)

            Me too… I still prefer using Disqus platform which is the best integrated commenting system… but I’ll still use FB acct to comment on ST articles… ;-)

          • GUSSIE91

            yup…………..ST media is afraid w/member strong posting especially that your pen is just getting shaper by days, it pains and bleeds.

          • AngCherLing

            I would rather be out rightly / brutally honest than to be a yes man who doesn’t provide real proper feedback and or suggestions to govt…. I’m apolitical…

          • Jeff Dickey

            You and I would be “worse than daft”; what of the poor aunties and uncles who’ll never see their CPF money but have been told every day of their adult lives how wonderful the Lees and their cronies are, by the only media they pay attention to (the States Times or other “newspaper” PAP organs), the PAP-controlled radio and television, the PAP-controlled…

            I dream of a Singapore that understands the differences between the nation, the State, the Government, the ruling party and the leaders of that party who are the pro tempore leaders of the country. A Singapore whose politicians understand that, if they don’t do the people’s business to the people’s liking well enough, that they’ll lose their jobs and another lot will take over, because that’s how they got their jobs in the first place. The PAP might well have been that way in the earliest days, before Independence. But they’ve forgotten how they got power in the first place, and have become too secure in their ability to hold it forever…

          • PikuChoo

            A good government is not (necessarily) one that does things to the “people’s liking” but one that does the right things.

            Did the people like serving NS? Did Dr Goh Keng Swee do the right thing (implementing NS) anyway?

            We are in this pickle (shit) today because the people having being lulled by years of good government did not notice that the new government transitioning in after the old guard were beginning to do things inimical to their well-being and interests.

            The new government became increasingly self serving and continues in this mode of operation til this day.

          • Jeff Dickey

            And who decides what the “right things” are determines whether you’re in a republic or a dictatorship.

            “One man, one vote” can be interpreted in either of two ways. If it means that each citizen (of whatever gender) gets a vote that is of that citizen’s free choice and counted equally to all other votes, then you’re in a country that at least has some understanding of democratic rule.

            If, however, you’re in a “republic” where one man has cast the only vote that’s mattered for an extended period of time (because nobody has been able to tell him “no” and make it stick), then you’re in a dictatorial jungle, where “rule or be ruled” is all that really matters.

            Which is Singapore? And which would you prefer Singapore to be?

          • PikuChoo

            Who “decides” what the right things are is a far-sighted government that governs a country for the long-term benefit of the country and its citizens.

            A far-sighted government implementing unpopular policies would/will be able to explain CLEARLY and logically WHY such policies are in our interests.

            No need to impose the whip on voting such measures in parliament. No need for stealthy formulation of the policy behind closed doors to be sprung as a “SURPRISE”!

            Nothing good can come from hiding matters of public interest from the public. Would you trust the financials of a company that is hiding its books? Public servants hiding things from the public is a SURE sign that things are not right.

          • Jeff Dickey

            I agree with you. We need such a Government.

            And regarding financials: when has an audit of this Government, its sovereign-wealth funds, or any of the Temasek- or GIC-linked companies in Singapore been conducted by a reputable firm not under the thumb of the PAP? I’d be willing to bet, based on observations and some relevant direct experience, that it would have been right around the time I was born (in 1962).

            It’s awfully easy to loot the system with “market-based” MP and Minister salaries when the boards of the companies used to set the peg are loaded with…MPs and Ministers!

          • PikuChoo

            Remember the AIM saga? PM Lee instructed ministry of National Development to essentially investigate itself. No surprise that nothing “wrong” was found.

          • Jeff Dickey

            | All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

            Until we gain our independence from The Minister and His Cronies. I have a strong suspicion that, once we get an honest look at the books, AIMgate will turn out to be one of the truly minor screwups. How much did Lehman cost us, and how many people along with Ho Ching lost their cushy jobs? Oh, that’s right; nobody.

            Conflict of interest and total allergy to accountability and transparency are PAP standard procedures. We deserve better.

          • kool_m

            Did Dr Goh Keng Swee do the right thing…..

            If he hadn’t decided on his own for the separation but did what he was asked, would we be what we are today?

          • kool_m

            Well said and I agree as well as with Pikuchoo.

            What we need is a government that looks out for the interests and well being of the country and her citizens, It must not be afraid to take decisions that are unpopular but work for the long term good of the nation and people – doesn’t matter whatever the system, be it democracy, communism, socialism or even monarchy. What matters is how and what is the quality of life of citizens as measured not by just material wealth but general well being and happiness otherwise, what use if we are the richest nation in this whole wide world.

          • Jeff Dickey

            Our Leeaders are fabulously wealthy but morally barren, and the rest of us have more trouble every day making ends meet.

            It’s about time we reversed that financial relationship. I really don’t mind paying for what I get; all I ask is that I get what I pay for. The PAP have singularly, deliberately failed to deliver for at least 20 years now.

          • Robin

            Taking about newly arrival behavior? I was challenge to a fight by a newly acquired s’ pore citizen hawker from Hong Kong who is selling fish soup in Tampines St 82 coffee shop. Reason is because I cancelled my order 3 seconds after I place an order because I can’t find a seat. I was to even if I cancel I have to pay. He even push me when I refuse to pay telling him there is not such a law in Singapore. He thought I am good to be bullied because I am in my 60s

          • kool_m

            Yes Robin, it’s really very sad that our beautiful home that we served and protect has degenerated to the current state of being and it’s sickening to be bullied by ‘others’ in the land of our births. This has got to do with how we are being perceived ‘meek and mild’, by others and all thanks to our ‘creator’ or so he thinks and the incumbents incompetence aggravated the problem further more. We are law abiding citizens and would expect the laws to protect us, not work against us. The most infuriating part is they are not there when we need them and if we were to take the law into our own hands (as many of these new arrivals and aliens do), we’ll be in deep shit.Time for us to retake our own country, home and lifestyle and the only way is to replaced those who are facilitating the rot on us. Majulah.

          • Robin

            Thanks for your precious time in replying.  If anyone of you true blue Singaporean wish to set up a Protect Singaporean interests and welcome new arrivals to adapt to and respect Born in Singapore -Singaporeans. I would like to join and offer my contribution but without any political agenda.

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            Yes Robin, it’s really very sad that our beautiful home that we served and protect has degenerated to the current state of being and it’s sickening to be bullied by ‘others’ in the land of our births. This has got to do with how we are being perceived ‘meek and mild’, by others and all thanks to our ‘creator’ or so he thinks and the incumbents incompetence aggravated the problem further more. We are law abiding citizens and would expect the laws to protect us, not work against us. The most infuriating part is they are not there when we need them and if we were to take the law into our own hands (as many of these new arrivals and aliens do), we’ll be in deep shit.Time for us to retake our own country, home and lifestyle and the only way is to replaced those who are fa cilitati ng the rot on us. Majulah. 10:48 p.m., Sunday May 11

            Reply to kool_m

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            Talking about newly arrival behavior? I was challenge to a fight by a newly acquired s’ pore citizen hawker from Hong Kong selling fish soup … Read more
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          • kool_m

            You’re welcome, not much effort expanded. Many of us here are not politically affiliated nor motivated but are voicing our displeasure and objections as citizens to what is happening to our home that’s terribly affecting our lives which inevitably leads to the government/policy makers. We fear and are doing it for our future generation and welcome bona fide new arrivals who’ll integrate and be amongst us, not those leeches and trouble makers. Hope to see you contribute your part for this cause.

          • Robin

            Totally agreed. It is a shame that contributions by us and our forefathers are taken for granted by these new arrivals who thought they are doing us a big favor by entering or becoming a citizen because our government said we need them. But “them” doesn’t specifically mean them personally.  Any new comers who thought we owed them definitely are not welcome. Because they don’t understand the facts that other than them there are a lots of people over the world who will gladly give up anything, sell their lands,  houses, beg or borrow just to work in Singapore.  They should appreciated the opportunity given to them, rather than burn the bridge after they crossed the river and forgot that it is the bridge that aided them. Singapore does not happen by accident.  This they must understand. It is through sweats and tears and ability to live in harmony that is what made Singapore is today. From where the new arrivals came from, there are plenty of lands and resources. But why they left all that to come to a little red dot with no resources and limited land? To help us to built from nothing or because we are considered one of  the richest countries in the world toiled and build by us and our forefathers.

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            A new comment was posted on The Online Citizen

            You’re welcome, not much effort expanded. Many of us here are not politically affiliated nor motivated but are voicing our displeasure and objections as citizens to what is happening to our home that’s terribly affecting our lives which inevitably leads to the government/policy makers. We fear and are doing it for our future generation and welcome bona fide new arrivals who’ll integrate and be amongst us, not those leeches and trouble makers. Hope to see you contribute your part for this cause. 11:55 p.m., Sunday May 11

            Reply to kool_m

            kool_m’s comment is in reply to Robin :

            Thanks for your precious time in replying. If anyone of you true blue Singaporean wish to set up a Protect Singaporean interests and welcome new … Read more
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          • kool_m

            Robin, Very well said, rhymes with my thoughts. I think the key is to unravel what and why their obnoxious audacity, what’s about SG that they dare behave in such manners? We are after all a society of RULE OF LAW. Are our laws not enforced strictly enough towards them that they know they’ll get away breaking them?. There have been far too many incidents involving them and if not checked may lead to more trouble. For this I think our government have lots to answer to, as I am of the opinion their ill conceived loose open door policy brought in too much undesirable immigrant/aliens. Here is one such scum, read the comments –

        • curious_mind

          Maybe you should ask your friends are there country over run my immigrants and foreigners who are there to live and work to make a decent life and living for their family OR is there country over run by refugees and asylum seekers who are living off financial and benefits handed out by their government from the tax payers money whereby they don’t have to work and are contributing to a lot of social problems

    • PikuChoo

      PM Lee and his cabinet are planning based on a world that will keep on growing and get even better with no hiccups along the way.

      Best case scenario is NOT the way to plan ANYTHING. Best case scenario is only for day dreams. Hard “truths” reality planning is based on worst case scenario. If things don’t get as bad, then it is a bonus.

      Their Plan B is a laughably purile “We will diversify our sources” as espoused by ministers like Lim Swee Say and Khaw Boon Wan.

      • AngCherLing

        They are too caught up with their own unsustainable crony capitalism that it is almost impossible to unwind and restart at ground zero…. unless we face a severe recession and or bursting of assets & financial bubbles etc…

        Maybe our only solution for these crony capitalism to collapse and be reset is to have a severe global financial crises?

        • Jesse Alica Wills

          When our economy is down, all the sucking up foreigners will leave and left with Singaporeans who have lost their loyalty too

          • AngCherLing

            It has always been a double edged sword propensity… All coins have 2 sides – heads or tails… pros and cons…

            Apparently, they are being too naively “optimistic” without scrutinizing the drawbacks…

      • Jeff Dickey

        And that’s the difference between Pinky’s PAP and the one that steered this country through the shoals after Independence. Once upon a time, every Singaporean knew, and the Government acted as though, it didn’t matter whether you were yellow, brown, white, or green with flashing purple polka-dots; as long as you pitched in and did your part for the long haul, for the survival and eventual success of the country, if you were a Singaporean you were as good as every other Singaporean, and could take pride in calling yourself one. Now that we’re “successful” enough to support a Government seemingly more interested in looting us than leading us, that Government can divide us and set us against each other while still saying “anyone who points out that Singaporeans are being divided is guilty of a crime” — and all the while, step up the looting and open the floodgates wider than ever.

        In a just world with a free Singapore, the PAP’s actions and pronouncements would be hastening their own demise at the polls, followed by a systematic repudiation of divisions among the people. The PAP have assumed, so far correctly, that by denying justice and curtailing freedom to the point of non-existence, by indoctrinating people to be so afraid of freedom and justice that they refuse to listen to Opposition politicians… well, the PAP assume that they’ll be able to remain Permanently in Absolute Power.

        What are we going to do about it?

  • liangjwc1

    No need to be angry or speculate as to why he said that.
    He need them, plenty of them…
    Come election time everything will be I am sorry, should know better and draft Singaporeans will agree.
    Why? He just need 51% to continue…..

    • kool_m

      While it’s true that he can continue to run the show with 50.1% or even lesser, the key here is to deny 2/3 majority so that unsound or Singaporeans adverse policies cannot be ramped through and passed in parliament.

      • AngCherLing

        Yes! We need to stop their senseless ie. PWP policy with at least 2/3 majority!

        • kool_m

          Yep, check out my post yesterday on “More foreigners to be police officers?”

  • Sam Gunner

    Hi is so clueless because his lackeys always paint a beautiful picture for him.
    He is very confident that with the old PAP supporters and all the new foreigners he has enough votes to never lose an election.
    But the truth is, the new citizens I’ve talked to, don’t really support the PAP blindly, especially those who have been here for a few years and have had their nuts crushed by the PAP.
    Believe or not, the new citizens who have made it here, DON’T want more foreigners to come here.
    All the opposition parties should be working hard to capture these new citizens and bring them over to their cause.
    It’s not as hard as it looks.
    New citizens are easier to convert than the old hardcore PAP supporters.
    LHL thinks that 40% is a minority.
    Well guess what, we only need another half a million people to become the majority.

    • Jeff Dickey

      Those new citizens are also unlikely to be PAP supporters if they held PR here for any length of time before taking citizenship. Most others in this category I have met have become Singaporean because they were angry at the PAP but love Singapore. Countries that conflate their long-time ruling party with the country itself rarely have soft landings; just ask Mr Tito or look at how fabulous Yugoslavia is today. Our neighbours are fortunate that the PAP have been content to build their dominion of absolute control over us “mere heartlanders” rather than a series of expensive, indefensible foreign adventures. Now it’s time for us to work towards a true Independence — maybe not quite in time for “Singapore 50″, but we’ll get there!

  • jessie

    PM Lee is getting ready to win the elections so he is freely giving away our island. He has brought in the foreigners to help him win by voting for him. However by 2016 the immigrants will
    have had experienced living the “Singaporean Dream” which would have become a “Singapore Nightmare” and many will join us in voting him out. Immigrants from the Philippines and India come from a more democratic system and all new immigrants including the PRCs would realize they are unable to save and are all working mules for this govt.

  • nelsonmandala

    the problemo with the primister is..he is bein taught and led by his pants when to PEE or tork..
    his father can no longer hold his pants & pull that puppet strin.. this cancerLEE brian is indeed runnin on an 8ksdram output..he kept harperin SHARED for everybody..till today he neber even shared with oppositions to run the country

  • mouseking

    20000 new citizenship given out last year alone! That’s why he is so confident of winning the next election!

    • GUSSIE91

      woahlan……………sounds like the native true blue blood Singaporeans will be diluted more and more……………will be vanish/disappear into ‘The Last Standing Singaporean’ by 2030

  • angrysporedaughter

    i am sick and tired of how they treat us…when the time comes for all sporean sons and daughters to leave, we’ll better do that…Let their beloved FT join the army,SCDF & fight for any war here

  • whaderf

    a prostitute behaves better and exercise better judgement which top paying statesman acts like a prostitute and give his country away for free

  • mouseking

    So when will we recognise multiple-citizenship?

    I have another great idea: setup a large booth at changi airport and give out citizenship to anyone who apply On The Spot! On the banner should read “No application Fee!” How about that? I am constructive, right? See I gave suggestion!

  • Madison Chua

    Not my Circus, not my Monkeys.
    Did not vote for this out of touch “Born With the Diamond-studded-Spoon in his mouth” politician.

  • Natt Srinara

    PLEASE MAKE A DISTINCTION BETWEEN PRs WHO HAVE SERVED NS AND THOSE WHO HAVE NOT. I have served this country as a 2nd Gen PR, done 2 years of NS and 10 years of reservist. INFANTRY, NOT BEHIND A DESK. I’ve contributed to this nation as an educator for the last 13 years, as well as a business owner more recently. Please don’t lump me in as someone only interested to reap the benefits of being in Singapore. I’ve sweat and bled for this nation and groomed thousands of its young people for over a decade. Unfortunately, thanks to the rants of some keyboard warriors, the political climate has made it nearly impossible for me to gain citizenship, thus I’m in this position now. I’m not sore about it, but please – don’t stereotype all PRs as good for nothing leeches. We all do our part to build this nation. Some of us have done more than regular citizens in this country to build and defend it. Its bad enough I don’t enjoy any of the privileges that Citizens get, for me to be seen in this light when I clearly deserve better??? THAT JUST MAKES ME BOIL.

    Ps. Those of you who have served with pride know exactly what this watch stands for and what it took to earn it.

    • mouseking

      Last year alone, 20 000 new citizenship are issued. You should question fap why you are not included.

      • Natt Srinara

        Applied twice – rejected before even getting to the interview stage. Said cos I was self employed and didn’t have enough ‘roots’. Right – 37 years in this country, born here, did NS and completed Reservist, own a car and my own property. Apparently I’m not rooted enough. :)

        • mouseking

          The problem you encounter is precisely why we are against the fap’s immigration policies! We have no idea how they approve citizenship application!

          • Jeff Dickey

            If they think you’ll vote for them unconditionally; if they think you’ll make the “appropriate” bribes contributions and buy from the preferred Temasek-linked companies; you probably have a pretty good chance. But that’s just the simplest explanation that seems to fit the available facts.

    • Blue_Light

      ” thanks to the rants of some keyboard warriors ”

      Why blame the keyboard warriors; why not blame the PAP govt for being ” blind ” and failed to differentiate between the good and the bad?

      ” groomed thousands of its young people for over a decade ”

      You worked at private educational institutions. Are you not paid for doing your lecturing job?

      • Natt Srinara

        I don’t blame the govt, cos I already know what they are about. In fact I don’t blame anyone for my situation. But, if I had to place the blame on someone, it would be the folks who complain all day about the govt and yet vote for them every 4 years.

        Yes I am paid to do my job. Who doesn’t work for a living? Does money grow on trees? But I feel as an educator, I contribute as much as anyone to society. Our jobs all contribute to building the nation and it’s people. Unless of course, your job is just about making money and nothing else.

        • Blue_Light

          ” making money ” is the primary objective of business people.

          In general you do know Singaporeans don’t mind have new citizens but not so many and so suddenly as they are seeing today.

          • PikuChoo

            I thought that once you serve NS, you will automatically be given citizenship (PR or not).

  • sultan22

    Singapore a city of Lions led a by FOX .. He much be captured and caged ..

  • Jayson

    Are the permanent residents and the people on work permits not contributing to the well-being of Singapore and are they not doing their part in serving the country? If that is the case, would it not be better for us to help them integrate into our society? I believe what the PM wanted to say is that ultimately we are all working together to build a better Singapore, a better Singapore for ourselves, for our people, for our future generations, and whoever is contributing to this should be cared for by the state shouldn’t they? Furthermore, embracing our identity as a multicultural and multiracial society, would it not be gracious for us to accept and understand different cultures and allow others to celebrate their festivals here? These festivals are not even controversial or harming to a large extent (the govt clearly stands for the sovereignty and rights of the people, I mean look at the incident of Indonesia’s naming of warships).

  • Paul




  • Keerakun

    Nice one geezer, then, care to share the Istana with the ‘new arrivals’ ?

  • a

    now, now…I always knew our nation had an incredibly self-entitled mentality, but this is going too far. firstly, “a place…which belongs to all of us” does not imply that all of us own it equally. if you will – if you insist, you can argue that as a “native” Singaporean you own more of the country, since you have no other land. that doesn’t mean Singapore doesn’t belong to our foreign workers too. it is some ways their home away from home, and what does it take away from you when they feel that they belong? what right have we in the first place to rescind any sense of ownership or belonging from them, when we are, in the first place, a migrant nation? closed-mindedness is never a flattering trait, least of all upon supposedly educated and advanced people.
    one person’s degree of belonging to a country does not affect how much belonging is left for the other people. not unless, of course, you’re a complete xenophobe and dare – in your position of privilege – to play the victim in this situation. if you believe Singapore is entirely yours and you will champion your right to wholly own it, then fill in the gaps in the economy that they do. if you believe Singapore can survive without foreign capital and labour then propose an economic model that is superior, because I don’t know about you, but I think PAP is doing what they can. we may not always think it’s the best job, but it might be the best we can do given our resources and situation.
    I really think this is a hugely social (as compared to entirely policy-driven) problem. sure, the state has a social contract to fulfill, but we, too, have to understand our circumstances, have to be citizens who realise that not everything can be as peachy as we want it to be – since when did we decide the government owed us so much, anyway? maybe democracy has inflated our heads; either way, the aspersions cast on PM Lee’s character and suitability are completely uncalled for, and we should remember that everyone is only human.
    let’s try to love each other, please?

    • mouseking

      Are you trying to be funny? How about I also own a degree of your family’s wealth — maybe 5%. Can bank into my bank account now?

      • Jayson

        I think it was stated clear enough by a that the sharing of our land with these foreigners who have pledged their contributions to Singapore does not infringe upon our rights and sense of belonging to this land. By avoiding most of the arguments in a’s posts and choosing to suggest some inappropriate analogy only reflects how unconvincing your stand is.. If I have to put it in analogies you can understand, when you invite a guest over for tea, do you not try your best to let your guest feel at home? Does that diminish your sense of belonging to your home? The fact that maybe your relatives also take care of your guests, does that make them love you less? Embrace people around you, make us a more gracious society, please.

        • mouseking

          Your analogy is only half baked story, what happen to the other part? Do you know when a guest is in your house, besides you behaving as a good host, the guest is also expected to behave as a good guest! The relationship is a 2-way street! Now, what kind of a guest we have? They demand privileges!

          BTW, don’t try to explain on behalf of others!

          @a, i seriously believe I am a part of your family, I kind of feeling belonging to your family; how about that 5%?

          • Jayson

            If your concern is that of the PRs not always acting responsibly and showing gratitude yes I agree that some of them do indeed act in such ways. But if we wish to express our dissent and disagreement with them and their treatment of us, I don’t think it is very constructive or helpful to do so by not allowing them to celebrate their festivals here.. That would only spur more dissent and reflect badly on our society, on our lack of maturity in handling such issues. And that would make us a bad citizen. We have to understand that Singapore relies heavily on these foreigners and from there we can see the government’s perspective. Then we realise that what might actually help is to show support and backing behind our fellow citizens and fellow Singaporeans and become a more mature and gracious society so that people will respect us and understand that their poor treatment of us or condemnations of us only help us come back stronger as a nation.

            Forums serve a greater purpose for discussion and contributions and building upon each other’s ideas, I’m not explaining for him and I cannot because I’m not him. And people on forums like these have to see its larger purpose because if you want your voices to be heard, you’re gonna have to learn to move away from complaints that are not constructive and unhelpful that only serve to stir up more trouble.

          • mouseking

            Well done! You are a good host! Someday, I should shit in your living room. I am sure you don’t mind; you are a gracious host!

            Pardon my language, I can’t make up my mind whether you are naive or a hypocrite!

          • Jayson

            Well if I need you, I’ll suck it up (not literally) and maybe have you sleep in the living room because my other guest rooms are full. If you’re contributing, maybe in some way like cleaning my house for me, soon you’ll realise it was foolish to take a dump in my living room. If you have absolutely no reason to be here, pack your bags, take your things and go. Well I’ll let you go with a good reason, if I just rant and sit there and whine for you to go or I petition for you to go without giving you a reason, maybe you’ll come back and take a dump at my doorstep again.

          • mouseking

            Ok, you are not a hypocrite but still quite naive!

          • Jayson

            And what makes you all-knowing and ready to lead the world and what do you propose? We bring in a new government to do what?

          • mouseking

            Don’t forget, who allow guest to go to your house, shit in your living room and leave. Then the same people allow new stream of guest to go to your house and repeat the same shit! A new gov can stop the cycle from repeating! Don’t be naive!

        • Native Singaporean

          More gracious? Embrace people? I’m a normal human being, can be gracious if there is only a few to be gracious to – not possible if the number is 40% of our population. Same go to embracing people.

          Why don’t you tell our PAP government to be gracious and at the same time, embrace our the opposition political parties in Singapore. Maybe can also tell them that they should embrace and be gracious with all the people that do not agree with them.

    • PikuChoo

      Quote: “… I don’t know about you, but I think PAP is doing what they can. we may
      not always think it’s the best job, but it might be the best we can do
      given our resources and situation.”

      The PAP did what the owners of the Sewol ferry did: Adding illegal extensions to their ferry and what the captain of the ferry did: overload the ferry, making the already unbalanced ferry (due to the illegal extensions) even more vulnerable to capsizing.

      The PAP did that by overgrowing the economy in pursuit of of ever higher GDP/per capital income figures without understanding (or caring) about our resource constraints.

      Quote: “…since when did we decide the government owed us so much, anyway?”

      I think you got this one the wrong way round. Since when did the GOVERNMENT decide that we OWED them the world’s highest ministerial/civil servant salaries?

      • AngCherLing

        Very well said! :-)

    • Native Singaporean

      Please do not misuse the “Singapore is a migrant nation”. It is not true. The migrant phase did not exactly happened when Singapore became a nation (i.e. since our independent). It happen long before that – after Sir Stamford Raffles founded this litter island. Since independent, immigration is strictly control; as it happened to many other nation.

  • rawr

    I know this will be downvoted to oblivion but i must say something.

    By being hostile and lashing verbal attacks on the Philippines independence day celebration, you are being extremely close minded and unaccepting. Had you been able to present your arguments in a clear and respectable manner, most civilised people would have understood your cause and left it at that. But you are all phrasing your arguments like a spoilt child and this is what makes me ashamed to even start getting involved in politics. I understand where you’re all coming from. And I agree mr lee could have phrased it better by saying citizens will ultimately receive more state privileges than PRs, but you guys are making it sound as if PRs are lesser people because of their status. Since when have we been people to judge others based on status? Our different statuses does not necessarily mean PRs will contribute less. Our different statuses does not necessarily mean citizens will contribute more. If youre going to pull the NS card, had NS not been mandatory, would you have volunteered to be in the force?

    Entitled people like you guys only complain while contributing nothing of value to the discussion. What a shame to singapore’s discussions on politics.

    • Arnold_Chong
    • Arnold_Chong

      It’s okay if you have a different opinion on the matter.

      But it does appear that you are in a minority.

      Currently, a patriotic Singaporean has launched an online petition politely requesting our PM to resign as he has lost the confidence of the people.

      Maybe you might want to consider signing it as well.

      Even if the petition doesn’t achieve its goal, at least the whole world will know exactly how Singaporeans feel about the political leadership in this country.

      • rawr

        No. Just because the opposition are more verbal on the internet does not necessarily mean they are the majority.
        I think the PM is doing a fine job. I would not sign that petition. Thank you for your offer though.

    • Native Singaporean

      rawr, you seems to know that this posting of yours will be down-voted to oblivion – I also hope that you know why?

      The status of citizenship of a nation and a non-citizen must always be very clear – it is one of the basis that define a nation and sovereignty – irregardless of who contribute more or contribute less!

      There is nothing wrong in “pulling the NS card”. It is a fact that Singaporean males are mandate to serve – in order to protect this homeland, Singapore. The question of whether Singaporeans will volunteer, or not, if it not mandatory is irrelevant – because this has been mandated for more than 40 years.

      • rawr

        No, it would be downvoted because this goes against a majority of the opinion. But what is popular doesn’t mean that is right, same way what is unpopular doesn’t mean it is wrong.

        • Native Singaporean

          As you have said, the reverse is also true – what is unpopular does not mean it is right, and what is popular does not mean it is wrong. What kind of argument logic are you trying to put forward?

      • rawr

        With regard to the ns problem, say it were voluntary. Let’s Say a local does not enroll in NS while a PR does. Every other aspects of the hypothetical local and the PR are the same, except for their status. Does the PR still deserve the hostility towards them?

        • Native Singaporean

          Why are you talking about hypothetical scenario? Such a reasoning is absurd, as hypothetically, anything is possible.

  • the bane

    there is no pride to be a platoon commander in singapore in the first place, in NS no one wants to have so much liability when u are only there for 2-3 weeks it is serve n fuck off attitude so is funny when u have so much pride to be an officer for LHL.

  • curious_mind

    Question for Singaporeans:

    How much financial burden does foreigners actually impact on Singapore ? How much social benefits does Singapore have to pay to foreigners who are working and living in Singapore ?
    Foreigners who work in Singapore do put back their earnings back in Singapore economy on their day to day living expenses and there are many who pay taxes, rental to Singaporeans etc.

    Is this outcry due to Singaporeans afraid losing jobs as construction workers, public cleaners, maids and lower paid jobs which Singaporeans don’t want to take up themselves ?
    Singaporeans still want to have maids, buildings/mrt lines to be build, environment to be clean but are they willing to accept these jobs which are tough, long hours….without foreigners who is going to step in and take up these jobs ?
    Or is it jealousy of financially well off foreigners who are putting money to invest in the Singapore economy ?

    I certainly do not see why PM Lee’s statement should be taken out of context and have so many Singaporeans be offended.
    If a foreigner on employment pass, work permit and even as tourist here on holiday, for that period of time they are in living in Singapore then it is ‘home’ for them.
    Singapore compared to many countries is indeed unique in the way that we have so many nationalities living and working together to bring success to Singapore – a small dot on the map but known worldwide.
    Much of our success comes not only from us Singaporeans but also largely to many foreigners who have come to work in Singapore away from their family, friends and their home country.
    We Singapore at times have to stop and thank the ‘foreigners’ who have come to Singapore and help to contribute in building Singapore.

    • Arnold_Chong

      Molester loses appeal against conviction

      Published on May 3, 2014

      By Selina Lum
      The MRT train was packed during the morning rush hour when a 34-year-old IT systems consultant molested a 19-year-old law firm intern.

      Balasubramaniyan Gowri Balan not only touched the undergraduate several times, he also trailed her as she switched trains and left the Clarke Quay MRT station, even though his intended stop was the Little India station.

      • curious_mind

        So only foreigners are ther molesters in Singapore ?

    • Arnold_Chong

      25 foreigners jailed for submitting bogus education certificates

      Published on Feb 21, 2014

      By Amelia Tan

      TWENTY-five foreigners have been jailed between four and 12 weeks for submitting bogus educational certificates when applying for jobs here.

      The Manpower Ministry (MOM) said on Friday that they were charged yesterday. All pleaded guilty.

      They had applied for S Passes and Employment Passes, between November 2012 and June 2013, with fake academic certificates produced in their home country.

      • curious_mind

        They were caught and punished weren’t they ?
        Can we honestly say that nobody in Singapore have cheated ? Fake something ? Lied ? We just don’t hear of it in the news…

    • Arnold_Chong

      Anton Casey’s words ‘deeply offensive and unacceptable’: Shanmugam

      Published on Jan 23, 2014

      By Kash Cheong

      Law Minister K. Shanmugam said he was “terribly upset and offended” by Briton Anton Casey’s comments which referred to public transport commuters in Singapore as “poor people”. But he urged Singaporeans not to flame the Briton’s family because “Singaporeans can be bigger than that”.

      Mr Casey’s comments were “deeply offensive, wrong and unacceptable”, he said in a Facebook post on Thursday. “Those who have done well in life should always be looking out for others – especially the less well-off or needy. It is basic human decency. Instead Mr Casey showed contempt. Having money and a Porsche does not automatically mean that one is superior. Character is important,” he wrote. “I am glad the community has come together to condemn what he has said.”

      • curious_mind

        the mob mentality of Singaporeans sending death threats and back lash is also not called for

    • Arnold_Chong

      Two weeks’ jail for man who beat up cabby over $20 fare
      Published on Nov 20, 2013

      By Ian Poh

      A 31-year-old commodities broker who beat up a taxi driver over about $20 in fares was on Wednesday sentenced to two weeks in jail and ordered to pay $5,000 compensation to his victim.

      Briton Elliott Raymond Pitcher argued with Mr Gui Hwee Meng, 59, over the route to take to his home in Gilstead Road and hit the cabby on the head after he almost missed a turn. He later kicked and punched the cabby after a dispute over the mode of payment. The attack knocked the man’s spectacles off, and left him bleeding and bruising on his head…

      • curious_mind

        What about the many times that the news report of ‘road raged’ Singaporeans who have also gotten into trouble with the law ?

    • Arnold_Chong

      Don’t worry, I thank these foreigners daily.

      • curious_mind

        Without majority foreigners workers in Singapore – there will be no maids to help with the housework, taking care of the young and the old, our streets will be dirty, the trash will pile up, the construction will stop… Singapore will slowly but surely screech to a halt.. its something that will happen and something to think about

        • Arnold_Chong

          Before the huge influx of foreigners, Singapore’s economy was growing at 8 to 10 per cent.

          During those good all days, I not sure if you were born then, since you sound so immature and naïve, foreigners accounted for less than a few per cent of the population.

          What is out growth rate over the past few years?

          2 to 3 per cent?

          That is really measly considering we are importing more 100,000 foreigners a year?

        • Native Singaporean

          Singapore current growth model by injecting more foreign workers into the economy is not sustainable – Singapore being so small, can never be able to compete base on importing cheap labors, like all the GLCs’ shipyard. It must be based on innovation and productivity.

          Sad to say, all the current government can do is to pump cheap labors into the economy (if not, most of the GLCs would have died long ago) – and these do not benefit any of the man-on-the-streets. In fact it hurts them more in them of stagnant salary, longer working hours and much higher cost of living. I will leave it to you to figure out what will happen to Singapore if this continue.

    • Native Singaporean

      How much of financial burden – you mean you don’t know the answer?
      How much social benefit – you mean you don’t know as well?
      Then how come you can suggest that it is Singaporeans’ jealousy and also conclude that Singaporeans has taken out of context LHL’s statement?

      • curious_mind

        Well it seems there is no answers to my questions to as the answer my questions with questions which is fair enough.
        So let me rephrase my question as to financial burden and social benefits:
        Do the Singapore government or Singaporeans give money and benefits to foreigner workers or foreigners for living and staying in Singapore doing nothing ?
        There is no social benefits or hand outs from our government as I know to Singaporeans in general i.e. everyone is expected to work and contribute to taking care of themselves and their family. If there is a need for getting help financially we have to go through all the proper channels in order to apply for aid.
        So do the foreign workers and foreigners in Singapore somehow is better at getting financial aid from our Singapore government ?
        On the other sector, when foreigners are expats earning high salaries or rich foreigners who are investing their money in Singapore by starting companies are these people not contributing by spending their earned money in the Singapore economy and employing Singaporeans to work in the companies that they have set up ? Are these foreigners posing a financial burden to Singaporeans ?
        We should question ourselves as to why is there a need too employ expats in Singapore when there should be well qualified Singaporeans to do the job ? – that is another whole topic of discussion !
        As to the replies to my comments by another forum member regarding the bad behaviour of foreigners in Singapore. I don’t disagree, in every country, in every society, in every race, there is of course the rude, the crude, the ignorant, the believers that they are the best, the racist etc.. BUT don’t forget for every 1 of these people who create social problems there are another 9 that are decent, down to earth, people who just want to live a normal life and earn a decent living.
        People are people, nobody is perfect and there are the good and the bad as the same as Singaporeans if you look at STOMP for many examples.
        News normally report the bad as it sensationalized and attract readers which normally over shadows the good. The good is always boring as it is not a discussion topic. The bad provides endless hours of gossip and discussion.

        • Native Singaporean

          How about impact on jobs, wages, healthcare, transports, property, culture, customs, etc – maybe these are not their faults, it is our government bad policies?

  • Jackson

    40% are foreigners. by 2016 they are citizen. by then the % will be higher. plus those who chickens out, they are still playing a sure win game.

    They did their calculations. They make one more mistake, the solution is not to make amendments. They just import more votes. simple.

  • dunghole

    Y bother create e division. Jus mk them singaporean lor…. dunnid e title pr, wp or wad not… pfft … let e foreigners b in sdu, air force pilots all also lors… y bother creating e barrier right???

    Better still choose foreigners as ur wife, den let a foreigner rule ur country… =_=

  • Arnold_Chong

    It is understandable that most Singaporeans are angry with those controversial remarks.

    Why not do something constructive about it.

    A patriotic Singaporean has launched a petition politely requesting our PM to resign..

    It has garnered more than 1,000 signatures in just a few hours, demonstrating how angry Singaporeans are.

    Join your fellow Singaporeans in signing the petition.

  • Kelvin

    Read my previous article on TRS for recap of another government stunt ; the media censorship from last year.

  • Jesse Alica Wills

    Its time PAP leaves the government

  • sultan22

    Obviously LHL was not paying attention during history class. If he did he would have known every society that depend on cheap foreign import had inevitably declined and collapsed and never recover for another 500 years at least, without any exception:

    3400 years ago:

    Egypt employed cheap Jewish FTs for everything. Result Egypt inflicted with Moses 10 deadly plagues.

    2100 years ago:

    Rome employed celtic and gothic cheap FTs for every sort of work. These FTs finally revolted culminating in Spartacus destruction of Rome itself.

    1400 years ago:

    Tang Dynasty China depended on Turkish FTs to work as soldiers. Turkish general An Lushan revolted as he wanted to be emperor. The long wars led to the decline and eventual collapse of the Tang Dynasty.

    500 years ago:

    The Malakan Empire grew increasingly dependent on FTs to work as traders and soldiers for them. These FTs collaborated with the foreign Portuguese to ransacked the city.

  • GUSSIE91

    The crack between the leaders and its citizens is just getting bigger and bigger by days……………., not sure what will happen in the next GE 2016.

  • Objective_Guy

    Belong can have different degree. If we check the dictionary, it can means be part of or to fit into a group naturally. If we take things into context, the PM just meant everyone can be part of the group living and working here and celebrate life here. It can also mean Singapore can be part of their life that’s all. This is to bring into context that we are a global city. That’s all. So far all the policies and aids given are still only restricted to Singaporeans. Why do netizens love to pick on words without looking into the context?

    • Native Singaporean

      You are simply making an assumption here and your own version of reading in between the line – otherwise, you are putting words into LHL’s mouth. I do not think LHL needs you to clarify on his behalf – if what you said here is what he meant, then he should come out and clarify them.

      We should just simply take what he said and being a PM, safely take it that he meant what he said – and he did says that Singapore belongs to all – including PRs, Work Permits holders, etc.

      • Objective_Guy

        Oh its seems like the pot is calling the kettle black. What makes you think he meant it this way? In English, meaning of words must be taken into context. When people says “the earth belongs to everyone” in campaigns to urge people to protect the earth, does it means the everyone own a piece of earth and can do whatever they wish to it or does it means that everyone has a responsibility to protect the earth? On the contrary, in the context of someone criticizing me for the way I spent my $ and I reply back “the $ belongs to me” it means I own the $ and I can do whatever I wish to. Do you hear our PM says “Singapore belongs to everyone” in the context of government giving out aids to everyone? When he mention this in the context of festive celebrations, he merely means this is a place where people can come and celebrate life and let Singapore be part of their life. You are really reading too much into it!

        • Native Singaporean

          I take what he said to be what he meant. What he do or did not do, is another matter all together. I have under no circumstances “reading too much” into any of this. It is you, who is choosing to decipher what he said very plainly.

          • Objective_Guy

            Haha..So in context of people scolding you with the vulgar word that start with F, do you take what the person said to be what he meant? If that’s the case, we will have many reported obscene cases in SG!

          • Native Singaporean

            So, you are trying to say that LHL said something, but don’t really meant what he said. Are you trying to implies this?

            So every time, LHL said something, we will need you to come out and tell us what he actually meant? Is LHL the PM?

          • Arnold_Chong

            Premier in Singapore Apologizes To Opposition

            Associated Press
            Saturday, May 6, 2006

            SINGAPORE, May 5 — Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong offered an apology Friday to anyone he offended by saying he would need to “fix” the opposition if they won too many seats in Parliament in weekend elections.

            Opposition leaders demanded an explanation from Lee after he made the remarks at a campaign rally Wednesday.

            In the remarks, Lee said that if the opposition were to win 10 to 20 seats in Parliament he would have to spend more time dealing with them, which would distract him from running the government.

            “Instead of spending my time thinking of what is the right policy for Singapore, I have to spend all my time thinking what is the right way to fix them, what’s the right way to buy my own supporters over,” Lee said.


          • Arnold_Chong

            As you can see from the comments below, the majority of readers are clear what those words meant.

            As a lackey, you will have your own interpretation.

            But since you are so arrogant as to appoint yourself the official spokesman of our PM, please clarify for us what he mean when he said “……..what is the right way to fix them……..”?

  • Arnold_Chong

    Indian New Year celebration embodies nation’s unity: PM Lee
    By Monica Kotwani
    POSTED: 03 May 2014

    Mr Lee said: “Singaporeans, new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here, all participating in one big Singapore family… So that we feel that this is a place which is special, which belongs to all of us and where we all celebrate one another’s festivals and happy events together.”

    • Arnold_Chong

      “….which belongs to all of us…..”

      Seems quite clear doesn’t it.

      Of course, if there was another meaning, the easiest thing to do is to come out and clarify.

      But that would mean offending the foreign talents, the new supporters of the regime.

      But for many Singaporeans, this is not the only controversy in those remarks.

      The other startling thing is that poor foreign workers on work permits and S-pass are left out in those remarks.

      Why are they left out?

      Are they outcasts?

      Can’t help thinking that all those praises heaped on this poor workers are just empty rhetoric.

      But it does confirm people’s suspicion about the elitist tendencies of the regime.

      • Arnold_Chong

        Objective_Guy ,

        As the self-appointed spokesman of our PM, please also clarify why those on work permits and S-pass are left out in the “one big Singapore family”.

  • Alvin Chua

    Hmmm, I don’t understand what the big fuss is about…
    Singapore is a rojak country made up of people from different nationalities anyway.
    The strength of our country lies in the fact that we’re meritocratic, ie, we were built by hardworking people who contributed positively to the country. It wasn’t built by the aboriginal fishermen who insisted that the country belonged to them by way of birthright.
    Similarly, the way forward for Singapore has to be still based on the same values of meritocracy. We need active contributors to progress forward, not unproductive squatters expecting royal treatment simply based on the random luck that they were born here.
    Being Singaporean should be a privilege, not an entitlement.

    • Arnold_Chong

      So I guess sovereignty and territorial integrity mean nothing to you.

      Anyway, many well-intentioned foreigners have come here hoping to strengthen the democratic processes and institutions in Singapore.

      But if I’m not mistaken, they were either jailed or chased away?

      I can only conclude that your definition of progress is strictly limited to economic progress, and consequently bringing prosperity to a select group of individuals, namely the ruling elites and their cronies.

      But what about the other definitions of progress.

      Don’t forget that according to the Economist, while not a fully democratic country, Singapore is still a pseudo-democracy.

      And the citizens get to vote for a new government every 5 years.

      But according to your comments, what you say can only work in a dictatorship, where citizens have no rights.

      • Alvin Chua

        Dear Arnold, thank you for your reply.

        I value & appreciate sovereignty and territorial integrity very much, but this has nothing to do with the topic at hand.
        Both sovereignty and territorial integrity deals with nations, not individuals, which is what’s being discussed now. Unless I’m mistaken, we’re talking about social cohesion within our country among citizens and non-citizens, and not about another country’s aggression towards our country.

        When you mention the imprisonment and/or chasing away of “well-intentioned foreigners” who have come to Singapore “hoping to strengthen the democratic processes and institutions in Singapore”, I’ve not known nor heard of any personally. Feel free to enlighten me with specific cases.
        Perhaps what you might be referring to were errant, ill-behaved, foreigners, who form a very small minority of all the foreigners who are well behaved and hardworking.
        If that were the case, it would be highly irresponsible to generalise and penalise ALL the foreigners based on the misbehaviour of these few errant individuals.
        It would be equivalent to saying that ALL Singaporean soldiers have their bags carried by their maids, or ALL Singaporeans are ‘kiasu’ and ungracious.

        “I can only conclude that your definition of progress is strictly limited to economic progress, and consequently bringing prosperity to a select group of individuals, namely the ruling elites and their cronies.”
        On the contrary, your conclusion cannot be more inaccurate. It is, in fact, more than just economic progress that I’m seeking, as can be seen by the effort in my earlier post and subsequent reply to your good self. Among other areas, such as self-leadership, more effective financial education for the masses, etc., I seek also progress in social maturity, nationalistic contribution, love for all humanity, etc.
        In this light, I therefore strive to present my views that we shouldn’t penalise an entire group of people based on a few errant individuals within that group.

        “But according to your comments, what yo u say can only work in a dictatorship, where citizens have no rights.”
        Respectfully, I am puzzled by your last comment. Would you kindly explain which of my comments imply that we can only work in a dictatorship and that we have no rights? We are indeed privileged to be born in a country at a time when our previous generations have toiled & suffered to make it as comfortable & prosperous as it now is. My opinion is that we shouldn’t take this privilege for granted, and get lulled into a sense of ‘entitlement’. Being a meritocratic society means we must strive continuously for our betterment and that of our country. We should weed out those that do not. We should not single them out based on race, nationality, religion nor gender, but by their very negative mindset, bad attitude, and unwillingness to work & contribute. This should hold true for fellow citizens as well as foreigners.
        Let’s hold individuals accountable for their actions, but do not penalise their entire nationality based on their bad behaviour.

        • Arnold_Chong

          “I value & appreciate sovereignty and territorial integrity very much, but this has nothing to do with the topic at hand.
          Both sovereignty and territorial integrity deals with nations, not individuals, which is what’s being discussed now. Unless I’m mistaken, we’re talking about social cohesion within our country among citizens and non-citizens, and not about another country’s aggression towards our country.”

          I’m sorry, I don’t think I can carry on this discussion with your as you don’t seem able to grasp the issues.

          A nation is made up of individuals, so naturally, sovereignty and territorial integrity are very pertinent issues.

          This thread is not about social cohesion.

          It is about the controversial remarks made by PM that our sovereign country, for which young men sacrifice their lives, training to defend our territorial integrity, belongs to all and sundry, whether you choose to make this place your home or not.

          As long as you, a foreigner set foots on our soil, this country belongs to you.

          Employment pass holders are mentioned in his remarks.

          Yet, many of them have no intention of taking up citizenship.

          They are here because their country cannot provide them with jobs.

          And their are fiercely loyal to their motherland.

          If a conflict were to break out between Singapore and their homeland, I have sure they will do everything in their power to destroy our nation which we hold so dear.

          And yet our PM, without regard to the sensitivities of Singaporeans, said that Singapore belongs to this group of people as well.

          How callous can you be?

          • Arnold_Chong

            Saturday September 18, 2010

            Caught up in S’pore PR issue

            Insight Down South
            By Seah Chiang Nee

            A radio programme attracted a number of PR callers, especially Malaysians, criticising Goh’s suggestion. Asked whether they would choose Singapore citizenship over PR, many Malaysians said ‘no’.

            Last December, I wrote in this column that rising anti-immigrants sentiments were stirring concern among Malaysians who have settled in Singapore for years. They feared being caught in the crossfire between an angry public and a government bent on taking in a large number of foreigners for economic growth.

            Now nine months later, this worry may soon take shape as the government ponders over possible measures to control the number of permanent residents (PRs). Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong gave an inkling of government intention recently when he said that, “Moving forward, we are going to approach some (PRs) to take up Singapore citizenship. If they don’t, then their PR (status) will not be renewed.”

            “We now have quite a few PRs, 500,000 in Singapore, so hopefully maybe, 50,000 can be selected to become Singapore citizens, the rest can be PRs, contributing to Singapore’s economy,” he added.

            Goh gave no details of the precise number or the selection criteria but it caused unease among PRs who had been living here for years without becoming Singaporeans. One expat posted this alarming headline: “Singapore to expel 10 per cent of Perma­nent Residents”……..


          • Arnold_Chong

            Most Singaporeans will remember SM Goh Chok Tong saying that the number of PRs were getting too large and that 50,000 PRs will be given the honour of taking up citizenship every year.

            There was an instant backlash from the foreigners.

            These PRs vehemently objected to taking up citizenship and said they would leave immediately if the policy was carried out.

            SM Goh came out to clarify his remarks the next day but I don’t recall what he said.

            I was so saddened by the reaction of these foreigners (PR) who thought our citizenship which we cherish so much was worth less than toilet paper.

            But I guess blame must also fall on those who give out our citizenship so cheaply.

            It was clear to all Singaporeans that most of the foreigners were just mercenaries, here to make their fortune and leave.

            Mind your, these foreigners were PRs, not employment pass holders.
            If you accept PR, surely the next step is to take up citizenship?

            And now, 4 years later, an elected politicians says that Singapore belongs to everyone, including those that rejected citizenship.

            Sadly, those elected politicians in power today are making Singaporeans feel that their citizenship is worthless.

            Even toilet paper has some value when you need to go to the toilet.

        • Native Singaporean

          Alvin, what is the yardstick here for social cohesion between citizens and non-citizens? Is it that we must always embrace and respect them, treat them properly as our guest – irregardless of what they do and things they said about us. It is that if they do not make an effort to integrate with us or do not intend to integrate with us, then we must double our effort to make them comfortable here so that one day, they may decide to accept us?

          The fact of the matter today, is that there are such a huge number of such non-citizens, built up over such a short span of time, that in reality and common nature, there is no need or even desire for any of them to integrate with citizens here – as they each has their own enclave of the same kind. And to make matter worst, some of these enclave is imposing their value system and ways of live on citizens.

          I cannot blame the non-citizens for behaving the ways they are used to – they are all human. But I blame our government for allowing such things to happen here to her citizens. This is definitely a direct result of their policies.

          • Alvin Chua

            Dear Native Singaporean,

            The yardstick that I would use would be similar everywhere. It would be that of fairness and holding each individual accountable for his/her actions, but not blaming their entire nationality based on one person’s actions.

            I would embrace any rational, well-meaning, well-behaved, hardworking individual, regardless of their race, gender, nationality or religion.

            I can appreciate that both you and Arnold probably have some personal unhappy experience and need to lash out at somebody, be it the foreigners or the government.

            The thing is that if you focus on your unhappiness, you will go down a slippery slope of continuing bitterness. That’s the law of attraction.

            Instead, you can choose to focus on things that you can be grateful & happy for, and you will be happier.

            If you truly want to make a difference in our nation’s policy-making, I suggest that you seriously get engaged with the government on a manner that’s less venting & ranting, but provide your detailed suggestions on a better policy(ies). Back that up with well-researched facts & figures, and who knows, if you turn out to be a good policy maker, I may end up voting for you.

            I wish you and Arnold all the best in your life’s journey, and that you both will lead happy & fulfilled lives.


          • Native Singaporean

            Alvin, your assumption here about me is totally wrong – I am just posting as I care about my Singapore. Please do not make assumption that you cannot back – you don’t even know me – just by reading some response I made, you start to make assumption – and you make it sound as if “this must be the case”. I like my life journey so far and I have no doubt that moving forward, I will make my life journey even better.

            Last but not least, when I write, I’m not looking for your support – I do not need it. I write to bring my perspective out into a wide audience – hoping to get people thinking.

      • Robin

        Also I may disagreed with some of the policies of the present government, but not all governments in the world are perfect. Many citizens had demonstrated and revolt blindly in other countries such as Arab Spring, Iraq, Syria etc… But are they better off than before. We need opposition to keep the Govt. In check. But so far there are no credible opposition who can run the country better. Anyway I thought this site is a platform for born in Singapore to air their grievances. If this turn out to be a wolf in sheep clothing site. Pl count me out. Because if I want to get political involved, I join a party. But incidentally I didn’t notice much action from our oppositions. Only when the voting day is near.

    • Robin

      Hi Arnold totally agreed with your last sentence. Singaporean is a privilege. not entitlement. Said that to the newly arrival citizens. However it is sad that you missed out the contributions of us the senior citizens and our forefathers who toiled and sweats along with our past Govt. to build Singaporea from a backwater port to where it is. Previously it was not a privilege, not the way Singaporean enjoy nowadays. Previously was survival. Where we struggle from hardship and racial riot instigated by UMNO the Malay supremacy group of Malaysia who are still playing racial cards

  • SimonP

    IMPEACH!!!! a traitor in our TOP HEIRACHY!!!

  • Hope

    I believe there will be a vicious cycle in regards
    to importing and converting so many foreigners to

    Firstly, we are a repressive state since we gained
    our so-called independence. Our medias, unions and
    whatnot’s have been controlled from day one.

    The people we are converting, almost all, come from
    a more liberal country. Even China, although a communist
    state, has its citizens power in demonstrations. Look at
    the bus strikes and MH 370 incidents. India, needless to
    say, is a full democratic country. The Little India riot
    shows that its citizens will riot at the drop of a hat.

    For the Pinoys – look at the people power that overthrown
    Marcos! Malaysia – the opposition already won the majority

    Now why does these people want to come here and take
    citizenship here? Its the low tax structure, the ease
    to make money with a high value exchange rate, the high
    appreciation of our properties, etc.

    They are so pleased to be able to take
    advantage of our system. Their gratitude to the PAP is to
    vote for them.

    After a few years, these new citizens will taste what
    we have been tasting for a long time. Their mindset will

    The vicious cycle will occur. They will be discontented,
    disconnected, disillusioned and disgusted as how we are
    feeling now. Through the influence of the 40% and rising,
    plus the free social media, there will be a swing –
    another type of conversion!

    The rich will always favour who is making them richer but
    that is only 10-20%. The 50-60% will taste the bitter pill
    and that is enough to tip the scale.

    This will happen within a short time – 2-4 years. One
    cannot keep importing ‘citizens’ to curry their favours.
    We have size limitation, a saturation point.

    The scales will tip – permanently.

    No need to raise your blood pressure to boiling point.
    Keep your health. The vicious cycle of karma will return
    in a short span of time.

    • Arnold_Chong

      No doubt, Singapore is a repressive state.
      Even foreigners frequently call Singapore an authoritarian police state.
      And I have no doubt that most of what you say will happen in the near future.
      From the time of nationhood till around the late 1990s, the regime itself wanted to keep the number of foreigners down.
      Singaporeans were a domesticated lot and easy to control.
      There was a social contract in the past where Singaporeans sacrificed their rights in exchange for economic growth and prosperity.
      But as the country progressed, the citizens were naturally unhappy living in fear and repression.
      Results of previous GEs showed the people wanted more alternative voices in parliament.
      The regime, well aware of what was happening, began to import huge numbers of foreign talents.
      Foreigners (new citizens) get jobs and housing, the regime gets the votes.
      However, except for the Malaysians, who are stuck here once they give up their citizenship, it is easy for the other nationalities to get back their citizenship even after they have renounced it.
      For Filipinos, all they have to do to get back their citizenship is to go to their Embassy and swear allegiance to the country again.
      It is the same for the other 3rd world countries.
      There Filipinos, Myanmarese, Vietnamese etc have no intention of remaining here even after they have taken up citizenship.
      Firstly, unlike the China and India nationals, their language is not recognized here.
      Secondly, they have no self-help groups.
      While the China and India nationals can join CDAC or Sinda, the others don’t have a self-help group.
      So while the Malaysians who take up citizenship get stuck here and because frustrated and angry with the ruling elites after a while, the other nationals will just pack up and go home.
      But then, even if they are not here for the long term, these other foreigners come from democratic countries where they are not afraid of using violence to demand their rights.
      And that I agree with you will ultimately cause the downfall of the regime.
      But I don’t think it will happen in 2 to 4 years time.
      More likely it will happen after Singapore hits our 7 or 8 million population target.

  • Paikia69

    I hope the 60% who voted for PAP in 2011 election is feeling pretty good now.

  • Disappointed Singaporean

    Truly disappointed with his speech.

    I had an opportunity to move to USA when I was 25. I choose not to because Singapore is my home, a place I was born in, brought up in. Why should I be a 2nd class citizen holding a green card when I can proudly hold on to my 1st class pink IC. So many years passed and I am beginning to regret, the recent changes to import foreigners are now more prestigious than Singaporean.

    These people from 3rd world country brought in their dirty cultures, stinked our land and doesn’t give respect to Singaporean who are born and brought up here. They are treated 1st class with so many laws sheltering them and now we have to acknowledge these people as part of our family? Our PM should visit Peninsula Plaza on weekends. I have not been there for a long time and dropped by last weekend. I was shocked at the site was filled with uncivilised foreigners, they littered, spitted as if it was fine to do so. The place is smelly, dirty and thats our “town” area, where I used to shopped for my stuff, now I feel so unsafe walking in broad day light.

    We spent many years to educate true Singaporean to keep our country clean. We are trained to look for a bin to throw our tissue even when we are overseas. We learned to be polite and courteous. How many of these are practised nowadays? People pushing, not giving seats to needy, littering etc etc.

  • ola

    Then don’t vote for PAP. Minimise our taxes by ourselves without getting into trouble,

  • In the name of love

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke

    My fellow Singaporeans. Isn’t it time we do something? Please vote with your heart. If not your sake then do it for the sake of your children and this country’s future. You’ve only got one shot in every 5 yrs so make it count.

  • donthc

    Quote: ““How can a PR or Employment Pass Holder be equal to a citizen?” one person posted on The Online Citizen’s Facebook page.”

    “One big SINGAPORE family” is not equal to “One big SINGAPOREAN family”.

    There is nothing to suggest that foreign residents are ‘equal to a citizen’.

    • GUSSIE91

      no,no,no……………..PR/Pass Holders and the New Singaporeans will never be equal to the native true blue blood Singaporeans, no, it will never be.

  • Robin

    Talking about the behavior of new arrivals? I was challenge to a fight by a newly acquired s’pore citizen hawker, from Hong Kong, selling fish soup in Tampines St 82 coffee shop, the reason was, I cancelled my order, 3 secs after I ordered. Because I couldn’t find any seat. He even push me when I refused to pay him.Even he didn’t cook yet. In the end I have to called the police. However I was very sad because I felt that after tolling and contributing I had to be bullied by a new arrival who thought we owed them a living. He thought I was a good victim to be bullied because I am in my 60s. I never face this from our fellow Singaporean.

  • Neo

    Its very worrying nowadays when our PM doesn’t think much about the impact and just talk with what he likes.

  • james ng

    So are you dismantling Singapore as a Nation, turning it to be a tom dick and scary playground?
    No wonder there will be no new National Day song 2014. This country is not to be defined by your whims and fancies. This Nation will be less messy without your confusing and deluded speeches.

  • A Fellow Singaporean Citizen

    Firstly, according to a loose definition, Singapore means “an inhabitant of Singapore”. However, based on all the negative comments towards Prime Minister Lee’s statement that by “Singaporeans”, I shall assume you all mean people with a Singaporean citizenship – or at least born in Singapore.

    I find it appalling that there are so many people here who assume that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long means that “Singapore belongs to everyone, including the Singaporeans, PRs and new arrivals[which I assume refers to foreigners and tourists]“. Have people tried viewing that statement from another point of view – which is basically that everyone actually present in Singapore contributes to what it is? There have been countless examples in Singaporean history where people not of Singaporean nationality (meaning not born in Singapore) have all fought hard for the progress of Singapore as a nation such as Ong Eng Guan, J.B. Jeyaretnam, Lee Siew Choh, Devan Nair, Yusof Bin Ishak (the first president of Singapore), Goh Keng Swee and many other politicians who played a big part in contributing to Singapore’s progress. Additionally, there have been many other times in history where people who were not born in Singapore have all contributed to the success, progress and development in Singapore. For example, Sang Nila Utama and Sir Stamford Raffles have signigicantly contributed to our identity as a nation but neither of them were born in Singapore or possess a Singapore citizenship (as they were born wayyy before the Singaporean citizenship was introduced).

    As for the possible insult towards the work that our Founding Fathers – arguably David Marshall, Devan Nair, Eddie Barker, Goh Keng Swee, Lee Kuan Yew, S. Rajaratnam, even Sir Stamford Raffles or Major William Farquhar and countless other significant people – has done, it is safe to say that a significant number of them were not born in Singapore or own a Singapore citizenship – possible definitions of being a “Singaporean”. Hence I would not consider it an insult towards our Founding founders to say that the people who come to/live in the peaceful and society that they have helped create help make up the atmosphere, identity and core of Singapore’s success as we would not have succeeded without everyone’s contributions.

    Furthermore, perhaps Prime Minister Lee was trying to address Singapore as an inclusive society without insulting any of the other people living in Singapore who do not possess a Singaporean citizenship. If you were him, would you go up in front of the whole nation and explicitly state “Singapore belongs to all Singaporean citizens! Not the PRs or new arrivals! The PRs and new arrivals will never be equal to Singaporean citizens!” Mind you, 44% of the current Singaporean population consists of PRs and new arrivals and should he ever says that in public, it would be an insult to them and would very likely spark an intra-national violent dispute and possibly riots (touchwood) in the whole of Singapore, which would ruin the peace and justice that we are all (I hope) striving for.

    Also, there is a very fine line between PRs and Singaporeans (people who have a Singaporean citizenship) especially because PRs have the right to apply for a Singaporean citizenship. Hence, if one day they are considered a PR and the next day a Singaporean, would you say that they suddenly gained a right to a piece of Singaporean land?

    How about Singaporeans(people with a Singaporean citizenship) who spend a majority of their lives living outside of Singapore in other countries? Would you consider it fair that a piece of Singapore’s land belongs to them just because they were born in Singapore and hold a Singaporean citizenship?

    Yes, Singaporean males have to devote 2 years of their lives to National Service (NS) and I disagree with the current system as I feel that if you wanted to “get the people we [Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long and whoever he is speaking for] wanted” – personally I feel that if I were to choose a certain “type of people I wanted” to fight for the nation of Singapore, I would probably choose people who felt national pride for Singapore (and there have been people of Singaporean nationality who are not proud of being Singaporeans – for example, Stephanie Koh) and thus I hope that National Service should be made voluntary for everyone living in Singapore. While this might cause a reduction in numbers of people joining National Service (you never know), this would fulfil the requirement of national pride for Singapore (would you fight for Singapore if you did not love your country?).

    To sum it all up, NO, I am not attempting to diss anyone in any way whatsoever, I just would like to point out that perhaps Prime Minister Lee did not mean that Singapore belongs to us all as “Singapore belongs to everyone who currently stands (or sleeps) on Singapore including the Singaporeans, PRs and new arrivals” but instead meant that Singapore belongs to us all as in “We are all part of one big Singapore family” which I suppose means that everyone in Singapore contributes to the atmosphere, identity, and most importantly, core of Singapore’s success – without anyone, we would not be able to be as successful as we are now, nor as advanced or developed.

    I feel that despite certain qualms I have towards the current political system, it has done significantly well in developing Singapore and the people living in Singapore are generally doing quite well as there are higher hunger, underpayment and mistreatment-of-people rates in other countries as compared to Singapore. Even though a Prime Minister is elected to serve the people, however, I feel that to insult anyone living in the country (not that I feel anyone did so) should be one of the lesser worries of Singaporeans now that we have a pretty high standard of living and a significant amount of transparency as a government.