ABSD Exemption Clause in Singapore’s FTAs: A Challenge to Sovereignty

Straits Times’ portrayal of US buyers being ‘subject to the same ABSD rate as Singapore residents’ has been challenged as misleading. Foong Swee Fong argue it obscures a unique clause in certain FTAs that exempts US citizens from the foreign ABSD, potentially inflating property prices and diminishing Singapore’s sovereignty.

How did an Associate Professor of Law’s Article on PSP in the Straits Times get it so wrong?

The opinion piece by Kok Ming Cheang criticizes an article written by Eugene Tan, an Associate Professor of Law, which was published in The Straits Times. The author argues that Tan’s analysis of the Progress Singapore Party and its new Secretary-General, Leong Mun Wai, is flawed and biased. The author suggests that his descriptions of Leong and the party are unfair and inaccurate. The article is seen as a personal attack rather than an objective discourse on Singapore’s political landscape.

Straits Times censors mention of Singapore in news about Israeli spyware

The Straits Times, a Singaporean mainstream media publication, removed Singapore’s mention in a report by Agence France-Presse (AFP) that Israeli-made spyware resembling the notorious Pegasus program was used to target journalists and opposition politicians in several countries. The spyware and related hacking software was created by QuaDream Ltd, a firm established by a former Israeli military official and veterans of NSO Group, the creator of Pegasus. At least five people have reportedly been targeted by QuaDream’s spyware and exploits in various countries. Citizen Lab identified servers in 10 countries that received data from victims’ devices, including Israel, Singapore, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, and Bulgaria.

Straits Times spins story about LHY into one that he is never returning to Singapore

The Straits Times article on Lee Hsien Yang’s recent Facebook post is focused on the ongoing police investigation into him and his wife. The article also mentioned Lee Hsien Yang’s guilty verdict for lying under oath and his intention to run for the upcoming presidential election. However, the article did not include LHY’s accusations against the government and PM LHL, alleging attacks on him and his family for standing up for his father’s promise to ensure that their family house at 38 Oxley Road is demolished after his death.

Was Straits Times right to publish letter from PAP MP that disregarded WP’s clarification in Parliament and in public?

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