Democratic Progressive Party drops out of election to avoid “three-cornered fights”

During a press conference on Saturday morning (27 June) at MacPherson Market and Food Centre, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has announced its decision to pull out of the General Election (GE), primarily to make way for alternative parties to “participate in Singapore’s democracy process,” DPP’s secretary-general Hamim Aliyas said. 

DPP had plans to contest in Bishan-Toa Payoh Group Representation Constituency (GRC), and Marymount and Kebun Baru single member constituencies (SMC).

The possibility of three-cornered fights arose when the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) announced it will contest in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC as well, while the Progress Singapore Party said it will field teams in Marymount and Kebun Baru SMCs.

DPP was initially in talks with SPP to join forces in contesting in Bishan Toa-Payoh GRC. But a collision in timing caused SPP to go ahead with their campaign plans first. 

“We wish the participating opposition political parties well and trust that the electorate would exercise their rights to vote well,” Mr Aliyas said. 

An unofficial party alliance announced in January consisted of DPP, the People’s Power Party (PPP), the Reform Party, and Singaporeans First (SingFirst). In March however, they steered their course and decided to join the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) instead. The application was “indefinitely put on hold and a decision perhaps (may be made) after the GE,” SDA’s secretary-general Abu Mohamed confirmed on 11 June. 

DPP is the second member of the supposed alliance to drop out of GE2020; SingFirst announced the party was dissolving on 25 June. 

Asked what are the party’s plans moving forward, Mr Hamim said that they intend to continue working with PPP and RP and hopefully form and register an alternative-party alliance after the GE2020.

“We also plan to (keep) our energy strong, (stay) in good health, and keep on working the ground and recruiting more volunteers after the GE to see how we can make the opposition better,” he added.

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Jurong Island Theft: 100kg of Jet fuel additive stolen.

jet-fuel-1.jpgBy Bernard

I was shocked to see this piece of news in The New Paper and in TODAY (29th December 2006). It is reported that thieves had made off with 100kg of Stadis 450, a jet fuel additive. Stadis 450 is classified as a flammable liquid and hazardous material.

The New paper understands that the jet fuel additive was left in six sealed pails which later went missing. I was even more surprised to read that the jet fuel additive has been missing since 4th December 2006. The police was subsequently informed of the theft two days later, on the 6th.

According to the Phillipine Daily Inquirer, the incident was serious enough for the
Singapore authorities to alert a bomb data centre in the Philippines.


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