Collaboration of Starbucks x BLACKPINK that is brewing excitement among BLINKs

Collaboration of Starbucks x BLACKPINK that is brewing excitement among BLINKs

Surprising and exciting collaboration news has come for BLACKPINK’s fans (BLINK) and Starbucks enjoyer. BLACKPINK, the popular K-pop girl group, and Starbucks have come together to blend music and coffee culture like never before.

The news of this summer collaboration sent a wave of excitement across the globe as fans eagerly anticipated the unveiling of this unique partnership.

The anticipation and exhilaration among fans for this collaboration have ignited a wildfire of excitement on social media.

Although most of the fans are waiting for this collaboration, some others are sad because this collaboration only happened in Asia, not world wide.

BLINK’s reaction on Twitter (1)

This collaboration between Starbucks and BLACKPINK aims to embrace diversity, creativity, and the spirit of togetherness, emphasizing that it goes beyond a mere marketing effort.

With Starbucks’ global presence and BLACKPINK’s immense fanbase, this fusion has the potential to leave a lasting impact on both their loyal customers and dedicated fans.

“We are so thrilled to partner with one of the biggest icons of this generation that aligns with our focus on uplifting customers and fans alike through human connection to create an unforgettable Starbucks experience,” said Emmy Kan, senior vice president and president at Starbucks Asia Pacific.

Limited-Edition Merchandise and Special Beverages

One of the highlights of the collaboration was the release of limited-edition merchandise.

This included a collection of co-branded tumblers, mugs, and reusable cups, each showcasing a sleek design that integrated elements of BLACKPINK’s iconic logo and Starbucks’ signature siren.

Starbucks x BLACKPINK limited edition merchandise (PHOTO: Starbucks)

The collaboration also brought special beverages inspired by BLACKPINK. Fans will get to enjoy a specially crafted Frappuccino drink called the BLACKPINK Strawberry Choco Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage that pays homage to the group’s latest album Born Pink.

Starbucks x BLACKPINK special beverages (PHOTO: Starbucks)

The Starbucks x BLACKPINK was a resounding success, setting a new benchmark for how brands can come together to create meaningful experiences for their customers and fans. 

By combining their global influence and distinctive identities, Starbucks and BLACKPINK demonstrated the power of creativity and unity in connecting with diverse communities. 

The limited-edition collaboration will be available starting from 25 July at selected Starbucks stores across Hongkong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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