Talent survey unveils workforce trends: Malaysians seek greater career growth opportunities and upskilling support

Talent survey unveils workforce trends: Malaysians seek greater career growth opportunities and upskilling support

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — According to a recent study conducted by Randstad Malaysia, one of the world’s largest talent companies, 36% of Malaysian employees are contemplating leaving their current jobs in pursuit of improved career growth opportunities.

This compelling data was part of the 8th Employer Brand Research report by Randstad, revealing shifting talent expectations and increased employer demands within Malaysia’s workforce.

Fahad Naeem, Country Director at Randstad Malaysia, commented on the results, highlighting the effect of swift technological advancements on the workforce.

“Many employees feel anxious about their job security due to the pressure to adapt to and integrate new technology into their work. Today’s workers are looking for employers who can provide them with the tools and knowledge necessary to cope with these changes.”

Naeem further emphasised the need for employers to stay ahead of market trends, understand employee concerns, and develop meaningful upskilling and reskilling programmes to stay competitive in the tightening labour market.

The study also showed a significant gap between the desire for professional development and the opportunities provided.

A whopping 81% of Malaysians consider professional development essential, but only 61% feel that they have adequate opportunities. Professional development in this context includes career promotions, mentorship or exchange programmes, and networking at seminars or conferences.

An impressive 85% of respondents acknowledged the importance of upskilling and reskilling, yet 24% claimed their employers didn’t provide enough training support. Millennials led the pack in their interest in upskilling and reskilling, followed by Gen Xers and Gen Zers.

“Employers who develop purposeful training programmes foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation. This positions them as employers of choice since talent in Malaysia continually seeks organisations that invest in their learning and development for job security and rewarding careers,” added Naeem.

Interestingly, “attractive salary and benefits” ranked highest among 16 employee value proposition factors. With Malaysia’s rising cost of living, 35% of respondents claimed they would leave their current employer for better compensation.

Naeem concluded, “Malaysians expect their employers to support professional development as a pathway to prestigious roles and higher compensation. Employers offering clear paths for promotions are more likely to attract talent as this demonstrates their commitment to employee success.”

In January 2023, the Randstad Employer Brand Research involved over 163,000 respondents across 32 markets, including 2,529 individuals based in Malaysia.

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