Sunday, 24 September 2023

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Bold unlicensed foreign hawker selling grilled corn in front of KLCC captures attention

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — While the public understands that hawkers work hard to earn a living and may operate in various locations, it is considered excessive for a foreign hawker to boldly sell grilled corn in front of Suria KLCC, the premier shopping center in central Kuala Lumpur.

A video lasting eight seconds recently went viral on social media, showcasing a courageous foreign hawker selling food by grilling corn, which resulted in smoke in front of the iconic building.

The hawker seems to be attracting customers interested in his grilled corn and appears to be conducting a successful business in the bustling area.


Replying to @❁jîdå $äûpî❁Bestproduk༻♡༺⋆ tukaq tempat pula. Sana sini pula haha. Berasap tudung aku oi #fypシ #penjajatepijalan #penjajakualalumpur #peniagajalanan #klcc #avenueK #klcc_malaysia

♬ original sound – Ian Asher

While some netizens called for The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to take action against unlicensed vendors, highlighting cleanliness concerns and potential impact on the cityscape, others ridiculed the situation, viewing it as a demonstration of Malaysians’ flexibility and tolerance, even when it comes to selling grilled corn in front of KLCC.

A TikToker remarked, “They even dare to do business in front of KLCC.”

“Next time, they might even have a car boot sale in front of KLCC.”

“Malaysia boleh, steady, KLCC now has a great grilled corn business.”

DBKL has taken action against unlicensed foreign hawkers

The issue of unlicensed hawkers quickly caught the attention of the DBKL enforcement team.

DBKL has taken special action against unlicensed foreign hawkers caught selling and grilling corn in front of the entrance of Suria KLCC.

DBKL stated that enforcement actions against foreign hawkers were also conducted around Jalan Ampang (KLCC), Jalan Imbi, and Jalan P.Ramlee last Saturday (1 July) and Sunday.

These actions were carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Small License Traders Act (WPKL) 2016, Section 3(1), and Section 47(1)(a) of the Street, Drainage, and Building Act 1974, as stated by DBKL.

“Four seizure or obstruction removal actions were taken against non-citizen food and beverage vendors, as well as two used clothing traders.”

“In addition, a compound notice under Section 3(1) of the Small License Traders Act (WPKL) 2016 – Unlicensed Local Traders and a compound notice under Section 47(1)(a) of the Street, Drainage, and Building Act 1974 for offenses of discarding merchandise and creating litter in public places were issued,” it said in a statement on Facebook on Monday (3 July).

DBKL mentioned that in response to the incident, they have deployed enforcement officers to locations identified as hotspots for such activities.

“This is to prevent unauthorized vending activities and ensure that such activities are curtailed,” it added.


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