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SINGAPORE —  A GrabFood delivery rider never expected he would lose a whole day worth of hard-earned money within just two minutes for having his bike clamped by a condominium’s security after parking near residential lift lobby to make his delivery.

Mr Gan Huan Bin,a Grabfood rider shared a post in GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore Group to alert other riders about the need to park at designated area when delivering food to Skyvue condominium located along Bishan Street 15, or risk losing a whole day’s earning.

“It was a heavy rain during yesterday (20 December) evening and I park at level 1 carpark Skyvue condominium for sending food at level 1 unit. Just 2 minutes my tyre get lock, ” Mr Gan wrote.

“My one day earning gone.” Mr Gan added.

He shared the receipt issued by the condo’s management company, Savills Property Management Pte Ltd which states la penalty of S$214 to unlock the wheel clamp on his bike:

Security guard said complaint received from resident

When interviewed by Shin Min Daily, Mr Gan recalled that he made the delivery that evening during a heavy downpour. He said the security guard instructed him to park near the refuse bin area when he arrived at the condo.

However, as the area was unsheltered and Mr Gan worried that the customer’s food which packed in paper bags might get wet under heavy rain, hence he decided to enter the car park on the first floor instead.

“I was thinking it would not take too long. The customer stayed on the first floor, I could just go in and hand them the food, ” said Mr Gan and he therefore parked his bike near the residential lift lobby and left to make the delivery.

But just 2 minutes later when Mr Gan returned, he saw the security guards clamping the wheel of his bike. The guard told Mr Gan that he received complaint from a resident.

Mr Gan had no choice but to pay S$214 to unlock his wheel to continue his delivery work.

“Earnings of the day not enought to compensate the unclamping fee”

Mr Gan told Shin Min that he is a full-time GrabFood delivery rider.

He estimate that he can earn around S$200 if he starts working at 6am and ends at 9pm.

“I started working a little later that day, so the earnings of the day weren’t enough to compensate the unclamping fee,” he said.

He added that the guard later told him that he can park his bike in the basement two level of the car park. Since the guard did not inform him earlier, Mr Gan was hoping he could appeal to the condo’s management to have the unclamping fee waived and refunded.

Mr Gan had since reached out to the condo’s management a total of seven times, but has not heard back.

He even returned to the condo the next day to try speaking to the manager, but the manager did not show up even after Gan waited for several hours.

Waited the manager for 3 hours but did not show up

Fellow riders commented on Mr Gan’s post and expressed their sympathy, with some criticising the management and that it should be able to waive the fee and return the rider’s hard-earned money.

Netizen Zhi Wei questioned that why the guard insisted the rider to park under heavy rain, but at the same time, commented that Gan should have ridden into the mailbox area and if the place already quite narrow then should avoid blocking the footpath.

Mr Gan replied that he also took consideration not to blocking other vehicles which might pass through the area:

Netizen Brendan Chong opined that riders will think twice now before delivering to the condo, “and we urge riders to boycott the condo until someone comes with an apology.”

Another netizen who works in condo management suggested Mr Gan to talk to the management and appeal for the waiver of the clamping fee.

Mr Gan explained that he did go to management office and request for claim back his money, but the management said he needs to wait for their manager. He shared that he even wait there for 3 hours but the manager did not show up.

“The boss(manager) just keep play my time said coming back soon when reach the boss go out ald~then wait 3 hrs the boss also not come, ” Mr Gan commented.

One of the riders, Rusydi commented the amount of clamping fee could equivalent to 45 delivery order:



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