Singaporean tourist shared harrowing ordeal of being trapped in malfunctioning lift at JB Hotel

Singaporean tourist shared harrowing ordeal of being trapped in malfunctioning lift at JB Hotel

JOHOR, MALAYSIA — During a visit to Johor Bahru, a Singaporean tourist had a terrifying encounter when the lift he was in suddenly plunged from the fourth floor of the popular KSL Hotel & Resort.

Luckily, no one was injured during the incident.

Kef Tan, who captured the ordeal in a TikTok video posted on Tuesday (June 20), described the incident as “sudden and fast.”

The video showed at least seven people climbing through the pried-open lift doors.

“Can you imagine the feeling of plunging suddenly from the fourth floor? It’s horrifying and nothing like what you see in movies,” he recounted.

According to Tan, when the lift began its descent, there was no time to react or take any action. The drop happened instantaneously, abruptly halting at the fourth floor.

Adding to the distress the alarm bell inside the lift failed to function and there was no cellphone reception within the confined space.

People inside the lift pried open the door, receiving no assistance

Tan mentioned that a baby was also trapped inside with the others.

“10mins seems like forever in there till everyone agrees on forcing it open.”

The exact method by which the individuals in the lift managed to pry open the doors remains unclear. Tan explained that they took a risk and decided to force the door open after receiving no assistance.

Other TikTokers shared their own experiences of being trapped inside a lift

Various TikTokers commented on Tan’s video, with some expressing relief that everyone safely escaped the lift.

Concerns were raised about the possibility of another sudden drop while people were still exiting, prompting questions about the safety measures in place at KSL Hotel & Resort.

A TikToker shared a similar experience, stating that she was trapped in a lift there for nearly two hours along with others. Despite pressing the alarm bell, no response was received.

Eventually, they managed to pry open the elevator door and free themselves. The TikToker also mentioned that when they informed security, no action was taken.

Another shared his own hour-long ordeal in a lift with no cellphone reception or functioning alarm bell.

When he informed the front desk about the incident, he only received a nonchalant response, suggesting that such incidents were not surprising.

One TikToker claimed to have been stuck in the same cargo lift at KSL Hotel & Resort two months prior, implying that the issue remained unresolved.

A concerned TikToker suggested that this was not the first occurrence of elevator drop incidents at the hotel, stating that it had happened multiple times and expressed fear that a major accident was imminent.

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