Netizen shares bizarre experience where job interviewer requested him to payback S$6.50 for coffee after declining job offer

Netizen shares bizarre experience where job interviewer requested him to payback S$6.50 for coffee after declining job offer

SINGAPORE — A netizen recently took to social media to share a peculiar job interview encounter that left him dumbfounded.

The netizen, S revealed that he was asked to attend a job interview at a local coffeeshop which was pretty much normal. However, the unusual aspect of the experience unfolded after the interview concluded.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (17 May), S narrated his absurd ordeal. According to screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation he shared, immediately after politely declining the job opportunity, the interviewer shockingly requested S to reimburse the cost of the coffee, totalling $6.50.

In an act of disbelief, S obliged to the request.

But in his reply to the interviewer, he expressed his surprise at such a request, mentioning that in his numerous prior interviews, he had never been asked to repay the cost of a cup of coffee.

He remarked, “Had I known, I would have paid on the day itself. Now it just seems unprofessional. ”

“Please do tell your next potential hires that they’re required to compensate for the coffee if they decide not to proceed any further. Leaves a bad taste done like this. Guess I dodged a bullet here. Thanks for your time.”

Manager of the company apologised

Following the incident, S provided an update on his Facebook post, revealing that the manager of the company had personally contacted him to apologize for the actions of his subordinate.

He said the manager has also refunded the money and has taken action on the matter professionally.

“I believe that was not their standard practice and it could be an honest mistake.”

The company issued a statement on the matter

Some comments at S’ post revealed that the company is Sirius Star Marketing.

Upon check on the company’s Facebook page, indeed they issued a statement to address the incident, in which they expressed “deepest regret and sincere apologies” for the incident involving one of their agents.

“The actions of this individual does not reflect the values or principles upon which our company is built.”

The company said the agent has displayed deep remorse regarding the incident.

“She has since been appropriately dealt with, and understands the severity and repercussions of her actions. ”

“In addition, we have taken immediate actions to address the situation to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. During this time, we humbly seek your understanding to respect her privacy.”

Sirius Star Marketing emphasized its commitment to learning from the situation and maintaining high standards of professionalism and respect for others.


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