CHINA — During a company’s annual dinner held in Shenzhen, China, a man, reportedly holding a managerial position, won the grand prize of 365 days of paid leave.

The chance of winning this prize was minuscule but still possible. The moment was captured on video and posted by a Chinese online news platform on China’s social media Weibo.

It appears that the event took place on 9 April in Shenzhen, and the man can be seen holding a cardboard cheque with the prize written on it.

Only one grand prize was offered

Members of the company’s administrative staff told the media that even their boss was surprised that someone eventually won the grand prize.

Only one grand prize was offered, which was the annual paid vacation prize, while other awards were relatively small.

“We hadn’t held an annual dinner for three years, so we talked to the boss to make this surprise bigger. ”

“But we never thought that (the grand price) would be won, ” the staff added that the winner was not an ordinary employee but rather someone in the company’s management, whose role in the company requires frequent travel.

The winner’s prize will either be encashed or utilized as paid leave, and the decision will be left to the employee.

‘Even the boss is envious of this person’

Numerous netizens commented on the Weibo video, jokingly suggesting that even the boss would envy the employee’s prize.

“Even the boss is envious of this person.”

“The next year when he comes back to work, everyone says, ‘Who are you? I’ve never heard of this person before!'”

Others recommended that the employee encash the grand prize, as someone else might fill his position if he takes a year off.

One netizen commented, “Encashing it is the best option. Otherwise, the boss might realize that the company can run without you.”

Another said, “Definitely encash it. If you take a year off and come back, your position might not be there for you anymore.”

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