Former Malaysian Police Chief embroiled in viral video of heated argument with woman

Former Malaysian Police Chief embroiled in viral video of heated argument with woman

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — A video showing a man resembling Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Malaysia’s former Inspector General of Police (IGP), in a heated argument with a woman have gone viral on Twitter.

Yesterday, a Twitter user who goes by the moniker @makcikbawangmu shared three videos showing an altercation between a couple, with a child witnessing the exchange in the recordings.

The clips were believed to have been shot by a woman who was arguing with the man. However, she was not in any of the shots, and only her voice could be heard.

During the argument, the woman brings up the topic of shares in a business, while the man appears to be fixing a school belt that belongs to a child who is also present in the living room.

In the video, the woman verbally challenged the man to marry a Chinese woman if he is upset, saying, “You are jealous and scared that other people will get me? You also can marry that Chinese woman.”

The man then proceeds to snatch her phone, prompting the woman to demand that he return it in another video where the child can be seen hitting the man with a book while the woman screams and pleads.

In the third video, the child is shown trying to snatch the phone from the man’s grip.

Ex-IGP warned the public not to interfere in his family issue

When confronted by a Twitter user, Musa Hassan asked the public not to speculate or interfere in the private family issue.

He also warned that those who engage in speculation might face legal action.

“This is a family privacy matter. Don’t interfere. If anyone speculates, they will face legal action,” he said in the tweet.

Musa was the IGP from 2006 to 2010. His first wife, Juriah Ahmad, passed away in 2019 at the age of 73. It is not known if Musa remarried or took a second wife.

A woman made police report on 1 March, alleging that she was beaten by her husband

Several Twitter users shared a news article from Harian Metro dated 1 March titled “Former senior police officer hits second wife?“.

According to the article, KL police chief Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim had confirmed receiving a report where the second wife of a high-ranking former police officer alleged that she had been hit by her husband at their home.

The report was made on 1 March at 8 pm at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail police station.

On the same day at 3pm, the former police officer had also lodged a report through his lawyer, claiming that he was hit with a helmet.

Musa Hassan’s tweets draw criticism for victim-blaming in domestic abuse cases

In another Tweet today, Musa Hassan shared tips for whom he describes as wives facing marital issues and disagreements with their husbands.

However, his tweet sparked concerns among some netizens that it could be interpreted as victim blaming.

In his tweet, Musa Hassan mentioned the characteristics of a disobedient wife to her husband, including being ungrateful for her husband’s goodness, hurting her husband’s feelings, serving other men without her husband’s knowledge, leaving the house without her husband’s permission, and asking for a divorce from her husband.

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