COVID-19: Netizens praise Malaysia for recording more recovered cases than new infected cases

COVID-19: Netizens praise Malaysia for recording more recovered cases than new infected cases

On Thursday (9 April), Malaysia saw a sign of hope after it recorded 109 new cases of the deadly COVID-19, which is the country’s lowest number in nearly two weeks. This brings the total number of cases in Malaysia to 4,228.
Adding to the good news, the neighbouring country also witnessed the number of daily recovered cases exceeding the number of new cases for two days in a row.
“There were 121 recoveries today, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 1,608 which is 38 percent of the total number of positive cases,” said Malaysia’s Health Ministry director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah.
He also pointed out that the fatality rate of COVID-19 is at 1.58 percent, and this is much lower than the average of 4 percent to 5 percent in most other countries.
Additionally, he also highlighted that about 40 percent to 50 percent of the patients treated in intensive care units (ICUs) have recovered from the novel coronavirus.
Dr Noor Hisham noted that this is possible due to the great work done by the Ministry’s doctors and specialists.
“This shows that the medical service provided at our wards and ICUs are at a top and satisfactory level. Our specialists, our intensivists have given the best treatment to our patients. I would like to congratulate them for providing such top-notch service to our COVID-19 patients,” he said.
However, Dr Noor Hisham also revealed on Thursday that Malaysia recorded its youngest COVID-19 death.
“The 23-year-old is a thyroid patient who has had close contact with two other patients who tested positive for the virus. She is also the fifth generation of the Sarawak church gathering cluster,” he said.
He added, “She had not attended the gathering, but unfortunately was infected and had come in for treatment only when she was at category four.”
Dr Noor Hisham explained earlier that category four is when a patient is suffering from pneumonia and requires oxygen support.
Besides the 23-year-old, Malaysia also lost another citizen to the virus. The 66-year-old man had an auto-immune disease and other chronic diseases. He was one of the attendees at the religious gathering in Sri Petaling, which has become the biggest cluster of COVID-19 in the country.
At the time of writing, Malaysia’s death toll is at 67.
Since mid-March, Malaysia saw a constant three-digit daily increase of the cases, with 26 March recording the highest figure at 235 cases, and the lowest on 24 March at 106 cases.
After reading this news, many netizens commended Malaysia as it managed to handle the spread of the virus well. Penning their thoughts on the Facebook page of Channel News Asia, they noted that Malaysia has done a good job and they are glad to see more recoveries in the country. They also added that strict measures and social distancing are paying off well and stated that they hope Singapore will “follow suit with more measures in place”.

A few users pointed out that Malaysia has done a better job than Singapore, and said that Singapore should learn from Malaysia on how to deal with the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Others said that the Movement Control Order works after a number of weeks, and urged Singaporeans to comply with the Circuit Breaker so that the number of cases in the Republic will also drop in a couple of weeks. They also highlighted that some Singaporeans are not taking the Circuit Breaker implemented by the Government seriously, which may increase the risks of more cases.

Besides that, a couple of online users said that Singapore needs to implement stricter measures and impose harsher punishments on those who fail to comply with the Circuit Breaker. They said that Malaysia was very strict with their measures and Singapore needs to do the same.

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