Woman questions Jewel Changi’s double standard for disallowing her son to enter snow walk with sandals but not a celebrity’s child

A Singaporean mother took to her Facebook on Tuesday (3 December) to slam Jewel Changi for the double standard treatment that her son got, as opposed to a local celebrity’s child.

Kailin Ng said that her son was not allowed to enter the snow walk as he wore a pair of sandals, which was deemed “improper footwear”.

However, her son, Aden’s, sandals were similar of those adorned by a Singaporean celebrity DJ’s son a few days later. She said that the DJ’s son was granted access to the snow walk.

“Went to Jewels a couple of times by now, was attracted to the beautiful landscape and lightings within the mall and to know that they added extra features to the canopy walk was a bonus,” Ng wrote.

She added, “Brought my excited Aden along, but was denied entry to this part of the park, ‘the snow walk’ due to improper footwear. Aden was wearing sandals (like below). Lucky for me, Aden was understanding. He left that part of the walk saying to me ‘it’s ok, I’m still happy’”.

However, Ng said that not allowing such footwear in the walk did not “baffle” her as much as seeing a picture of the DJ’s son at the very same walk a few days later.

“What baffles me is not that such footwear is not allowed to the walk, but the very next couple of days this picture of Singapore celebrity DJ was posted and her son was allowed entry for the very reason why Aden was not allowed,” she noted.

As such, she asked if the “rules are not strictly followed” or if the rules are only applied to “common folks”?

In the comment section of Ng’s post, she noted that she got in touch with the management of Jewel Changi regarding this incident and is yet to get a reply from them.

TOC has also reached out to Changi Airport for their comment on this matter.

Many netizens also slammed Jewel Changi for their special treatment, and stated that Singapore has two sets of rules and regulations, one for commoners and the other one is for elite and celebrities.


Others questioned the double standard, while one netizen added that people should not visit Jewel Changi Airport due to the way they treat people. Eugena Lee wrote, “Keep promoting them when they don’t even give a damn of how they wanted to treat you like shits from the start!!” 

A bunch of them also demanded Jewel Changi to provide them with an answer for this case.

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